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NOLA Smokehouse and the Ides of Meat March

The consumption of red meat is quite a primal, bodily act that depending on the right surrounding opens one up to experience pleasure with reckless abandon.

With its DNA centred around the sustainable consumption of smoked meats of the New Orleans variant and backed by one of the finest curated backbars in the Southern hemisphere specifically when it comes to its collection of American whiskies, NOLA Smokehouse with its knowledgeable and friendly staff is an example par excellence for upmarket venues not having to lack laidback hospitality.

With its menu not merely covering mains revolving around grilled goodness from the smoking room, I like the fact that seafood is a major constituent and have grown the subtle Creole touches that the dishes are infused with in the seasoning department.

Needless to say, NOLA is prominently positioned to spearhead bringing the concept of Meat March to life, i.e. a month-long smoked meats festival, designed to give Sydneysiders a taste of everything this cooking style has to offer.

Run hand in glove with its partner Portoro, whose focus is underpinned by sustainable and regenerative farming, Meat March will celebrate sustainably sourced beef that puts the focus on welfare over productivity, thereby supporting regenerative agriculture.

Meat March will run for the entire month of March, with a range of unique smoked meat and both vegetarian and pescatarian options available on each day of the week only to culminate in the hosting of a Southern Styled BBQ Smoke-Off on Saturday, 25 March, which will see NOLA’s head chefs smoke it out with the crew at Smoking Hot ‘n’ Saucy BBQ.


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Photos courtesy of NOLA.


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