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Mad Mex Wants You to Conquer a Burrito... and Maybe Death (But Hopefully Not!).

Calling all burrito aficionados and thrill-seekers as Mad Mex is resurrecting their legendary 1kg Big Burrito, a monster creation guaranteed to leave you both stuffed and questioning your life choices.

But this year, they've added a morbid twist that'll have you laughing (or maybe crying) into your salsa.

From June 11th to July 21st, the Big Burrito is back for a limited engagement, ready to test the limits of your stomach and your sanity. Not only will you get this double-sized beast of a burrito, but you'll also score a FREE can of Liquid Death, the cult water brand that recenly incarnated on terra australis and promises to "murder your thirst" (their words, not ours).

Here's where things get interesting. Mad Mex knows tackling a 1kg burrito and a 500ml can of water is no easy feat. They're taking the "food coma" possibility so seriously, they're offering a prize that's to die for (again, morbid pun very much intended). Finish the Big Burrito and Liquid Death combo, and you'll be entered to win a plot of land – in a cemetery.

That's right, folks. Mad Mex is offering a chance to win your very own burial plot. Don't worry, it's not like they expect you to perish from burrito-induced overload.

It's more of a darkly humorous commentary on Australia's soaring property prices. Think of it as a morbid down payment on your future – a place to truly put down roots... six feet under.

To enter this "food coma or forever home" challenge, all you need to do is purchase the Big Burrito combo from Mad Mex and write an inscription for your tombstone (or, for the truly adventurous, the tombstone of a friend who bravely – or foolishly – attempted the challenge). The winner will be announced on August 1st, and they'll become the proud owner of a plot fit for a burrito champion or at least their eventual remains.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Mad Mex.


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