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Water of Life – Kavalan Triple Sherry Cask.

Named after the traditional nomenclature of Yilan County and situated in a mountain range with access to pristine high quality natural water, Kavalan Distillery is an accolade decorated Taiwanese whisky distillery that has firmly established itself as a veritable heavyweight on the horizon of the international distilling scene, with specifically its Sherry cask expressions having excited whisky aficionados’ imagination the world over ever since its Solist Fino Sherry Cask release was lauded as the new whisky of the year ten years ago.

Needless to say, expectations were high when it was announced that Kavalan was going to channel its alchemy in the creation of a drop that was fabled to have been aged in the scarce triple threat combination that is Moscatel, Pedro Ximénez, and Oloroso casks.

Given the aforementioned coalescence, it does not come as a surprise that Kavalan’s deep scarlet hued Triple Sherry Cask expression is dominated by rich, full-bodied and elegantly sweet caramel highlights courtesy of the harmonious Oloroso sherry barrels from the area around the town of Jerez de la Frontera in the South of the Iberian Peninsula.

Upon approach, woody and ripe, fruity date and pomegranate aromas tickle the nostrils, a bouquet which seamlessly translates to what is to materialize on the top of the mouth via a multi-layered and wonderfully balanced complex crescendo.

Via a soft, honeyed full mouthfeel, dried fruits such as figs, plums and raisins are complemented by distinctively spicy, dark chocolatey oak notes and cinnamon, which is complemented by grapy, dried mango and citrussy flavours interlaced with chocolate brownie, apricot jam and toffee sweetness.

With a distinctly candied, gingery-cherry moderately long finish and an interestingly astringent acidity, this sherry bomb lends itself as a borderline perfect pairing with dark chocolates, nuts, seafood salads, smoky meats and mildly spicy cuisine.

While I am usually a fan of Kavalan’s Cask Strength expressions, given the quality of this little number and Kavalan’s trademark hotness and DNA being recognizable front and centre, it is relatable that the Triple Sherry Cask was bottled at a relatively tame ABV of 40% as otherwise it might have run danger of losing some of its delicate roundness in texture and thereby the desired amplification of top notes.

Summa summarum: Kavalan ( ) did it again – the Triple Sherry Cask expression is an exercise par excellence in the realm of a more-ish harmonious Sherry bomb with a flavourful palate.

An immensely enjoyable dram that is great value for money at its price.


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