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The Alchemy of Tria Prima Whisky.

Delve into the ancient art of alchemy with Tria Prima, a whisky entitiy that bridges timeless wisdom with modern craftsmanship to create unique elixirs — the essence of life itself, known as uisge beatha or the water of life.

For centuries, alchemists have sought the Philosopher’s Stone, believing it held the power to transmute metals or grant eternal life. Tria Prima embraces this mystical heritage, focusing not on material transformation but on the spiritual journey of perfection and discovery.

Within the confines of whisky creation, Tria Prima perceives itself to be embodying the three primary qualities of alchemy—the barley, the water, and the oak—blended with the magic of yeast and passed-down techniques. This blend results in a liquid gold, symbolizing the essence of the aformentioned Philosopher’s Stone—a pursuit of mastery that transcends material wealth.

Central to Tria Prima's ethos is a deep reverence for tradition and a commitment to excellence. Using South Australian barley and traditional methods, each bottle represents a labor of love and a dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Led by Head Distiller Paul Shand, Tria Prima is essentially a pursuit that is in equal parts artistry and scientific inquiry. Paul's journey, from exploring Scottish landscapes to understanding the nuances of whisky, mirrors the alchemist's quest for hidden truths and transformation.

The Tria Prima range, featuring characters like Enchantress and Bruxa, showcases the complexity of Australian ingredients and the alchemical process. Each expression, aged in unique casks, offers a sensory journey into the rich tapestry of flavors and aromas.

While Tria Prima is a limited production, it invites enthusiasts to join a journey of exploration and appreciation for the alchemical arts. Through its nuanced expressions and dedication to tradition, Tria Prima reflects not just a whisky but a philosophy—a celebration of life's mysteries and the quest for spiritual perfection.

One of our favourite Tria Prima creations is a whisky that holds a spellbending charm, i.e. the Enchantress, The Spell Weaver, as the expression captivates with her allure, weaving a tapestry of enchantment that mesmerizes all who encounter her.

The first release of Enchantress emerges from the alchemy of two 100-litre casks, once home to McWilliams Apera. Through careful scraping and a gentle charring, a harmonious whisky is born. Its appearance is a rich mahogany, inviting the eye to delve into its depths.

What tickles the nose presents a symphony of scents—furniture polish, toffee apple, and the subtle allure of sherry.

On the palate, Enchantress reveals a silky texture, caressing the senses with notes of the syrupy end of dried fruit, creamy sherry, tea tannins, and whispers of light oak. Each sip is a journey into a realm of elegance and complexity, where nuances of black tea, sultanas, and hints of mint dance gracefully.

The finish is a crescendo of warmth and complexity, with lingering echoes of wood tannins, autumn leaves, a nutty earthiness and the gentle embrace of medium dry sherry. What sets Enchantress apart is its impeccable balance—no element overwhelms, allowing the spirit to shine in its clean, crisp essence.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Tria Prima.


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