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Unveiling Glen Moray's Double Cask Shiraz Finish : A Journey Through Whisky with Iain Allan.

Embarking on a whisky exploration transcends mere sipping; it's an odyssey through a narrative skillfully spun by a seasoned brand ambassador. In the realm of Glen Moray, Iain Allan, a native of Speyside, epitomizes the essence of an exceptional brand representative.

With a background at Macallan and dual roles as a visitor center manager and brand ambassador at Glen Moray, Iain seamlessly weaves Speyside's rich whisky heritage into the fabric of the distillery's identity.

Beyond the perceived notion of Glen Moray's core range as an accessible entry-level whisky, Iain, in his capacity, guides the distillery into the realm of cask exploration.

American oak barrels from Kentucky impart notes of caramel and vanilla, while European oak, previously cradling sherry or wine, adds layers of complexity to Glen Moray's single malts.

The cornerstone of Glen Moray's offerings, the Classic Single Malt, stands as a daily indulgence, showcasing the distillery's signature fruit and honey sweetness.

However, the unveiling of Glen Moray's Double Cask Shiraz Finish introduces a new dimension.

Nestled within the Explorer range, a collection of single malt whiskies showcasing the distillery's exploration of diverse cask finishes and flavor profiles, this exclusive release, with Dan Murphy’s in Australia being the only retailer on this earthround that carries this expression outside the confines of the distillery itself, is a symphony of floral and fruity notes—a treat for the adventurous palate.

A testament to Glen Moray's curiosity, willingness to push the boundaries of traditional whisky production, and consistent endeavor to impart distinct flavors to its whiskies, the Double Cask Shiraz Finish embarks on a unique journey.

After maturing in bourbon barrels for classic nuances, it finds its crescendo in Shiraz casks for an extra two years. The result is a harmonious fusion of rose petal fragrances, red fruit infusions, and subtle herbal undertones.

The taste voyage unfolds with strawberries, creamy toffee, gentle oak, and a hint of peppery spice, leaving a reverberating sweet, fruit-dominated finale on an exquisite oak-laden foundation.

In essence, Glen Moray proves once again that it's not merely about affordability but an exploration of nuanced, delightful drams—a compelling choice for both newcomers to Scotch whisky and seasoned enthusiasts seeking value.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Glen Moray.


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