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The Whisky List: Cape Byron's Harmonious Peated Chardonnay Symphony from Rainforest to Cask

When we had our first encounter with Cape Byron's inaugural foray into the world of genever approximately seven years ago, little did we know that it would be a love affair that would endure. Distilled amidst the verdant splendor of Byron Bay's hinterland, this spirit, infused with over twenty native botanicals, the majority sourced from the lush environs surrounding the distillery, emerged as a towering figure in the burgeoning landscape of Australian gin distillers. Brookie's Dry Gin, a creation of Cape Byron Distillery, effortlessly stood out, a testament to the marriage of craftsmanship and the bountiful offerings of nature.

A Rainforest Embrace: Cape Byron's Unique Allure

What added a layer of fascination to Cape Byron Distillery's allure was its unique location, nestled in the embrace of the rainforest in Byron Bay. However, my intrigue deepened when I discovered the familial connection between Jim McEwan and the Brook family. Jim McEwan, the visionary behind many accolades as the master distiller at Ardnahoe and Bowmore, and the driving force behind the revival of Bruichladdich distillery, held a special place in the heart of the Brook family. His creativity bore fruit in the form of the beloved Octomore whisky series, leaving an indelible mark on the world of whisky.

Milestone Unveiling: Cape Byron's Inaugural Special Release

The unveiling of Cape Byron Distillery's inaugural special release marked a milestone, not only as their first expression surpassing the 50% ABV threshold but as a testament to their dedication to craft and innovation.

A Symphony of Flavours: Crafted for Whisky Lovers

Crafted explicitly for The Whisky List's Whisky Lovers, this whisky is a symphony of flavors. The predominant notes emanate from an unpeated Bourbon cask, which undergoes a captivating finish in Chardonnay casks. To further elevate its profile, a judicious amount of peated Bourbon cask is introduced, imparting earthiness and complexity.

Limited Edition Elegance: Capturing Australian Terroir

This limited edition release showcases the artistry of Cape Byron Distillery, capturing the essence of the Australian terroir. The label reveals the whisky's pedigree: a single malt, non-chill-filtered, and boasting an impressive 51% ABV. The marriage of Bourbon and Chardonnay casks, coupled with the influence of the surrounding rainforest, results in a style reminiscent of Sherry/Wine cask expressions.

From Rainforest to Limited Edition: A Narrative of Craft and Legacy

Cape Byron's journey from the captivating embrace of Byron Bay's rainforest to the creation of their limited edition single malt is a narrative woven with threads of familial bonds, environmental synergy, and the influence of a master distiller with a legacy of excellence.

Curatorial Finesse: The Whisky List's Distinctive Touch

Infused with The Whisky List adepts' unparalleled curatorial finesse and their extraordinary ability in crafting an exceptional and deeply meaningful experience for enthusiasts, with Cape Byron Distillery's Peated Chardonnay Cask expression TWL helped bring forth a release that transcends the boundaries of conventional spirits.

A Grand Celebration: Nature's Tribute in Every Sip

This isn't just a whisky; it's a grand celebration of craftsmanship, a symphony of flavors orchestrated with precision and care. Every sip becomes a tribute to nature's influence, echoing nature's bounty and the landscapes that inspire the very essence of the golden elixir.

Legacy of Excellence: Nod to Jim McEwan's Influence

Celebrating craftsmanship, a nod is graciously extended to the legacy of Jim McEwan, the revered maestro who etched an indelible mark on the world of spirits. Cheers to The Whisky List, where each pour is a testament to expertise, nature's bounty, and the enduring legacy of a whisky luminary.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of The Whisky List.


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