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The Unconventional Tale of StrangeLove: From Byron Bay to Beverage Revolution

In the laid-back haven of Byron Bay, where the waves meet the skies and the vibes are as unpredictable as the tides, an unconventional journey began in 2012.

Enter StrangeLove, a brand that defied norms, embraced chaos, and brought forth a new era of non-alcoholic beverages that dared to challenge the status quo.

A Rebellion Against the Ordinary

As the world lounged in the lap of conventionality, StrangeLove emerged from the heart of Byron Bay with a mission: to stand out amidst the crowd of the unemployed, and in doing so, redefine the world of drinks.

Unfazed by the ordinary, StrangeLove aimed to craft non-alcoholic beverages that could hold their own against their spirited counterparts. These were no timid concoctions; they were bold, flavourful, and as far from the "colour blue" as one could imagine.

Meet the Maverick Behind It All

A brand like StrangeLove doesn't just happen; it's born from the quirks and courage of its founder. In 2012, this eccentric journey was set in motion by a visionary with a distinctive taste for rebellion. Unveiling a ginger beer elixir that defied norms, StrangeLove's founder proved that when it came to ginger, there was no such thing as "too much." The product, albeit causing a lawsuit-induced hiccup, left an impression that could not be ignored.

Turning Up the Heat

Just as fire feeds on chaos, StrangeLove found its calling in crafting drinks that pushed boundaries. A Ginger Beer so fiery it bordered on the daredevil territory soon became a cult favourite. It was a realization that people, it seemed, didn't mind a little suffering if it came with intense flavour. The range expanded, infusing audacious flavours like Smoked Cola, Bitter Grapefruit, and Blood Orange & Chilli. As Byron Bay harboured its own share of peculiarities, StrangeLove found itself in good company.

From Gin to Tonic to a Twist in Fate

As the world danced to the tunes of craft spirits, StrangeLove joined the party in its own audacious style. The Premium Mixer Range emerged in 2016, just as the gin wave was sweeping the globe. What began as a pursuit to offer a unique alternative to alcohol turned into a mission to enhance the drinking experience. StrangeLove became not just the oddball in the room, but the life of the party.

A Toast to Revolution

In a world where trends shift like the sands beneath the ocean, StrangeLove held its ground. It wasn't about following trends; it was about celebrating individuality. The award-winning Lo-Cal Sodas launched in 2018, inviting those who sought to embrace sobriety with a twist of excitement. The role of the designated driver transformed from mundane to marvellous with the touch of StrangeLove magic.

The Beginning of a Bold Odyssey

As the years passed, StrangeLove ventured far from its Byron Bay origins. It found its way into Australia's finest establishments, from eateries and wineries to dive bars and premium retailers. Fuelled by a passion for crafting beverages that resonated with exceptional ingredients, the brand's journey was merely in its infancy.

A Decade of Daring: The Story Unfolds

A decade has passed since the first sip of StrangeLove sparked an unconventional revolution. Yet, in many ways, this is just the beginning.

The brand's tale is one that marries eccentricity with excellence, rebellion with refinement. From its unassuming roots in Byron Bay to its embrace of the unexpected, StrangeLove's story is as audacious and captivating as the waves that kiss the shores of its birthplace.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of StrangeLove.


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