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The Sipping Spirits Show: Unveiling a New Era of Spirits Exploration.

In the realm of libations, a name that has never not been garnering attention is David Ligoff, a man with a knack for wearing multiple hats. Not only is he the founder of World of Whisky, one of the pre-eminent whisky stores on terra australis, but he's also known for his role as a conferencier, curator and his continuous efforts to redefine what spirits-focused events can be imagined as.

Enter The Whisky Show, an extravaganza that has firmly established itself as the ultimate whisky celebration in Australia. The show has reached new heights, thanks to David Ligoff joining forces with The Whisky List team.

For over twelve years, The Whisky Show has been a central pillar among Australia's whisky festivals, with their unwavering commitment to showcasing the world of whisky has been the driving force behind this iconic event.

However, the curiosity of cherished customers led to a new endeavour – exploring other delectable dark spirits. Thus, The Sipping Spirits Show is born. This inaugural event is designed not to replace but to complement The Whisky Show.

Presented by the dedicated team of the Whisky Show and conceptualised as a festival of flavour exploration, The Sipping Spirits Show’s main tenet is to celebrate the rich heritage and exceptional craftsmanship behind some of the world's most exquisite spirits, including but not limited to Cognacs, Rums, Armagnacs, Mezcals, and Tequilas from all corners of the globe.

Immerse Yourself in the World's Finest Spirits

Set to take place on November 18, 2023, at the elegant Sir Stamford Hotel @ Circular Quay in Sydney, two epic sessions promise the chance to savour a plethora of new, exclusive, and limited edition spirits.

The Sipping Spirits Show boasts an impressive line-up of exhibitors, including renowned names such as Diplomatico, Cascahuin, G4, Mezcalosfera, Los Agaves, Sullivan’s Cove, Rum Sponge, and many more.

Given the diversity and quality of spirits on offer, there is little doubt that this event is bound to be unforgettable experience, as no matter if you are a seasoned connoisseur or a budding enthusiast, there will be something to tickle your fancy.

Further details and tickets can be founder here.


Words by AW.


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