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Taylor & Smith Distilling Co., where each sip is an homage to Tasmania's rich tapestry of flavour and tradition.

Nestled amidst the breath-taking vistas of Hobart, Tasmania, Taylor & Smith Distilling Co. emerges as a radiant symbol of artisanal ingenuity, seamlessly blending the very essence of Tasmania's rugged landscapes with an unwavering dedication to the craft of distillation. Founded by the visionary duo of Natalie and Ben, this distillery embarked on a transformative odyssey five years ago, metamorphosing a modest shed into a haven for aficionados in pursuit of unparalleled libations.


Central to the ethos of Taylor & Smith lies an unyielding commitment to encapsulating the quintessence of Tasmania, from its untamed terrains to its abundant botanical treasures. Their odyssey commences with the fastidious selection of Tasmanian barley, tenderly milled, mashed, and fermented onsite, laying the bedrock for their extraordinary spirits. Yet, it is the water, drawn from the crystalline snowmelt of Mount Field National Park, which imparts each elixir with an unmistakable sense of purity and place, resonating with the very soul of Tasmania.

However, it is not solely the provenance of ingredients that distinguishes Taylor & Smith; it is their reverence for the alchemy of distillation, infusing every step with an intimate touch and a profound respect for tradition. Unlike the mechanized churn of mass production, each batch is meticulously crafted by hand, eschewing automation in favour of a tactile approach that infuses every bottle with personality and allure.


Enter their single cask expressions, a testament to Taylor & Smith's unwavering devotion to their craft. From the moment the spirit is introduced to its meticulously chosen Australian wine casks, a metamorphosis ensues, as it assimilates the singular nuances of its environs. The result? Whiskies that transcend mere libations; they are voyages of discovery, unfurling in nuanced layers of flavour that tantalize the senses and transport the imbiber to the very heart of Tasmania.


Consider, for instance, their Sherry Barrel expression, a harmonious symphony of flavours that pirouette across the palate with elegance and finesse. Aromas of Christmas pudding and toasted grains beckon, yielding to a palate adorned with luscious plum jam and velvety Crème Brulé, culminating in a denouement punctuated by the zesty allure of pepper berry and marmalade. Each sip is an epiphany, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship infused into every vessel.


Meanwhile, their Pinot Noir Barrel expression offers a distinct yet equally enchanting journey. With its seductive bouquet of rum-soaked raisins, spiced biscuits, and decadent fruitcake, it entices the adventurous palate to embark on a sensory expedition. Flavours of warm hot cross buns, succulent plums, and aromatic gingerbread unfold upon the tongue, leading to a denouement that lingers, suffused with echoes of Christmas pudding and subtle spice.


In a world often besieged by the uniformity of mass production, Taylor & Smith Distilling Co. stands tall in terms of authenticity and artistry, beckoning all who seek true craftsmanship to partake in their odyssey of discovery. With each bottle, they offer not merely a taste of Tasmania, but a glimpse into the passion and dedication that defines their craft.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Taylor & Smith Distilling Co.


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