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Battery Point Distillery: Crafting Tasmania's Essence in Whisky.

Situated in the heart of Hobart's historic Battery Point, where the echoes of Tasmania's rich heritage resonate through winding lanes and 19th-century cottages, lies a hidden gem that embodies the spirit of this ruggedly beautiful island. Battery Point Distillery, established in 2018 by the esteemed Lenna of Hobart Hotel, is a testament to the passion for Tasmania and the time-honoured traditions of master distilling.

Founders Lloyd and Jan Clark, fuelled by their love for Tasmania's natural beauty and pristine resources, embarked on a journey to create something truly exceptional. They enlisted the expertise of Head Distiller Jack Lark, whose deep-rooted connection to whisky and craftsmanship has been pivotal in shaping Battery Point's identity given that he is the son Lyn and Bill Lark, who are renowned pioneers in the Australian craft spirits realm and the founders of Lark Distillery as well as the brother of Kristy Booth-Lark, whose fantastic Killara Distillery we will dedicate a future editorial to.

Within the confines of a modest stone building, a carefully calibrated process unfolds. Small batches of hand-crafted whiskies, nurtured with meticulous care, age gracefully in an array of carefully selected casks. The influence of vintage Spanish sherry, tawny, port, and bourbon casks lends nuanced layers of flavours and complexities to Battery Point's creations.

What sets Battery Point Distillery apart is not just the quality of their spirits but the artistry with which each expression is crafted. Whisky aficionados are treated to a journey of discovery, as nuances of single, double, or triple cask aging reveal themselves in every sip. Head Distiller Luke Lawrence, succeeding Jack Lark, continues this tradition of excellence, ensuring each batch is consistent yet uniquely captivating.

The magic unfolds in the hands of master blender Louis Duckett, whose expertise in marrying different cask influences brings out the best in Battery Point's whiskies. From the rich heritage of Spanish sherry to the boldness of bourbon, every element is carefully orchestrated to capture Tasmania's essence in a glass.

Needless to say, Battery Point Distillery's commitment to using 100% Tasmanian malt mash and pure Tasmanian water speaks volumes about their dedication to terroir and authenticity. Each whisky is a testament to Tasmania's rugged landscapes, pristine waters, and the creative vision that drives Battery Point's journey.

Battery Point Distillery 'Port/Red IPA Finish'

Upon diving into Battery Point Distillery's 'Port/Red IPA Finish', one is immediately greeted by a visual treat—a captivating Jaffa orange hue that hints at the complexity within.

The nose is a delightful bouquet of fresh citrus florals, reminiscent of a blooming garden in spring. Layers of orange cake and apricot add a sweet, fruity depth that invites further exploration. It's a symphony of aromas that sets the stage for what's to come.

What truly sets this whisky apart is its journey through a combination of ex-muscat ex-whisky casks and seasoned beer casks from Last Rites Brewing Co.'s 'Right Door, Wrong Hotel!' Barrel Aged Red IPA. The marriage of these casks creates a tapestry of flavours -on the palate, the Red IPA finish makes its presence known with a harmonious blend of flavours.

The malty-sweetness characteristic of Red IPA imparts notes of caramel and vanilla, providing a smooth mouthfeel and indulgent experience. Dark chocolate spice adds a subtle kick and toasty nuances mingle with dark fruit malt flavours, creating a dynamic and layered palate, counterbalanced by hints of hops that add a unique twist to the flavour profile.

At 42.9% ABV, this whisky retains its boldness while remaining approachable and inviting. The finish is a lingering embrace of a n attractive combination of sweet-, bitter-, sourness and caramel, reverberating with a deeply satisfying warmth that leaves one lusting for another sip.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Battery Point Distillery.


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