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Revamped Elegance: Mercedes-Benz' EQA and EQB Shine Brighter.

Imagine powerful SUV forms, electric prowess, and Electric Intelligence guiding the way – Mercedes-Benz's compact electric duo, EQA and EQB, are back and better than ever. Their revamped looks, efficiency upgrades, and fresh features are bound to captivate EV enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With improved voice control and driving assistance, plus the convenient Plug & Charge and optional Sound Experiences, the compact class gets a dose of innovation from the big leagues. Notably, a trailer hitch debuts as an option for the EQB with five seats.

Mark your calendars for a fall 2023 order and an early 2024 arrival at European dealers.

Style Refined

Sporting a new star-studded black front panel, EQA and EQB keep up with their larger siblings. Daytime running lights blend through a light band, while the bumper flaunts a majestic touch. Even the taillights have undergone a transformation. Inside, the cabin boasts a modern steering wheel with touch controls and trim options like brown lime open-pore wood, Mercedes-Benz patterns, and backlit Mercedes-Benz patterns.

Extended Range

Ingenious engineering brings EQA's range up to 560 kilometers according to WLTP standards. Through aerodynamic enhancements and low-resistance tires, this feat is achieved. A new range-maximization function allows you to adjust energy consumption for more miles.

Trailblazing with Style

EQB with five seats now offers an optional trailer hitch complete with ESP® trailer stabilization. Towing prowess ranges from 1,400 to 1,700 kg (front-wheel drive/4MATIC version).

Charge with Ease

Enter the world of Mercedes me Charge Plug & Charge, where EQA and EQB models automatically initiate the charging process when plugged in at compatible charging points. No need for additional authentication – the vehicle and charging station converse directly via the cable.

Soundscapes Unleashed

You've heard the enchanting soundscapes from larger Mercedes-Benz electric models – now EQA and EQB join the symphony. Opt for the Burmester® surround sound system and dive into “Silver Waves” and “Vivid Flux.” Plus, two more sound worlds await in the optional Individualisation Package.

MBUX Magic Redefined

EQA and EQB proudly showcase the updated MBUX generation. Choose from three display styles (subtle, sporty, classic) and three modes (navigation, assistance, service) to personalize your experience. The central display now comes standard, and by activating online services in the Mercedes me app, the intelligent voice assistant elevates its capabilities.

Dive into Dolby Atmos®

Elevate your audio escapades with the optional Burmester® surround sound system, paired with the new MBUX generation for a Dolby Atmos® immersion. It's as if you're front-row at the artist's studio.

Enhanced Safeguards

Sharper sensor technology introduces a fresh mono-multipurpose camera and backup camera. The optional Driving Assistance package boasts improved features, like Active Lane Keeping Assist steering you comfortably.

Green Production Champion

Since 2022, all Mercedes-Benz car and van plants have embraced net carbon-neutral production, setting the tone for EQA and EQB's creation. Battery plants in Kamenz and Jawor follow suit, with a 30% reduction target in cell production emissions through battery cell partner collaboration. Carbon footprint reduction continues through cathode material enhancements and renewable energy use.

A thrilling journey lies ahead as EQA and EQB redefine electric elegance and innovation, blending style with sustainability.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.


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