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Nonnative: Weaving Stories, Crafting Comfort, and Mizuno Collaboration.




Devoid of allegiance to a specific nation or culture. Nonnative emerges as a brand that intricately weaves threads of style from diverse global cultures, presenting an extensive collection of garments that seamlessly blend timelessness with modernity, utility with fashionable adaptability. This alchemy of influences results in a distinctive fusion of sophistication and street aesthetics, a manifestation of the unique vision cultivated by the Japanese designer, Takayuki Fujii.

Having assumed the role of lead designer and later creative director of Nonnative since 1999, Fujii has orchestrated a metamorphosis, elevating the brand from its origins as a graphic T-shirt label to a vanguard in merging the rugged allure of American outdoors with the nuanced sensibilities of Japanese design. In the canvas of 2015, the brand maintained a steady course, but it was in the collaborative ventures that Nonnative truly elevated its standing.

In that transformative year, Nonnative transcended its own benchmarks through acclaimed partnerships with industry giants like New Balance, BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS, and WACKO MARIA. These collaborations not only showcased the brand's prowess but also established it as a dynamic force, pushing boundaries and redefining the intersection of fashion, utility, and cultural amalgamation.

Nonnative, under the creative direction of Takayuki Fujii, continues to be a beacon of unbridled creativity, challenging conventions and shaping a narrative that resonates globally. As the brand navigates the intricate dance between heritage and contemporary flair, it reinforces its commitment to remaining independent, unaffiliated, and neutral – a true testament to its transcendent influence in the ever-evolving realm of fashion.

Fujii's journey as a fashion designer is a departure from convention. Rejecting the conventional norms of intricate designing, the essence of his being as a fashion designer, especially in the domain of men's fashion, seems to be rooted in an unapologetic love affair with garments.

The longevity of this infatuation, spanning over two decades, appears to be a concoction of effort and a sincere connection with clothing: Clothes not merely being a means of self-expression but tools that withstand the test of time. The commitment is apparent in Nonnative's creations, each garment meticulously crafted to evoke enduring love and attachment from its wearer.

In an industry where trends sway like the tides, Nonnative boldly stands by a specific silhouette. While loose pants dominate the scene, Nonnative consistently releases slim pants each season. The reasoning behind Nonnative's creations is grounded in practicality, acknowledging the nuanced anatomical differences between Japanese and Western bodies. The design philosophy, measured in millimeters, is an amalgamation of personal experiences and an extensive study of diverse brands and silhouettes.

Yet, Nonnative's allure extends beyond aesthetic appeal; it's a fusion of functionality and personal experience - a natural evolution, seamlessly blending form and function.

Care and maintenance are integral tenets of Nonnative's design ethos. Their clothes, including pants, are conceived with washability in mind, a testament to the brand's commitment to practicality and convenience. Rigorous testing ensures that, even after numerous washes, each garment retains its form and comfort down to the millimeter.

There's a methodical approach, a precise calculation, yet the ultimate goal is to transcend mere equations and create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Nonnative's creations offer reassurance—garments that stand by you in unpredictable weather and impromptu adventures, fostering a profound sense of reliability and confidence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, Nonnative provides a sanctuary where love for clothes, meticulous craftsmanship, and a dash of science converge, giving birth to timeless pieces that resonate on a deeply personal level.

As a testament to Nonnative's continued evolution, we recently fell in love with the brand's collaboration with Mizuno for a new iteration of the Wave Mujin TL Mid GTX model, which was launched during our recent stint in Tokyo and which showcases Nonnative's commitment to comfort and style, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in the fashion landscape.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Nonnative.


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