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NON - More than Just Non-Alcoholic Wine.

Meet NON, not your ordinary wine, but an innovative non-alcoholic wine alternative that's rewriting the script on what wine occasions can be.

The NON Revolution: Redefining Wine Occasions

NON stands as a testament to the power of innovation and a passion for flavour. Founded by Aaron Trotman, entrepreneur and devoted foodie, NON has become a darling of the culinary world, embraced by chefs, restaurants, bar owners, and food enthusiasts across the globe. It is the result of an intricate balance of flavours, meticulously crafted with key notes of tannin, floral, salinity, and acidity, all housed in a striking, minimalist design.

What sets NON apart is its multidisciplinary approach, drawing expertise from a diverse team of professionals, including chefs, bartenders, food scientists, and winemakers. This approach breathes life into a beverage that defies convention and complacency.

The Art and Science Behind NON

NON's journey begins with nature. The first step involves selecting the finest natural produce, collaborating with both local and international farmers and suppliers. Quality is paramount, and the choice of fruits and vegetables is guided by peak seasonality and exceptional flavour profiles.

In-house culinary techniques come into play, with roasting, stewing, steeping, and curing transforming the raw produce into a symphony of complex flavours. But it doesn't stop there; NON introduces verjus, the unfermented juice of young, unripened grapes, as the foundational ingredient. It adds body, balance, and acidity, allowing the true flavours to shine.

A meticulous dual-stage filtration process ensures the removal of any remaining food particles, leaving behind a beverage as close to nature as possible. While some natural sediment may persist due to the abundance of real ingredients, it's a testament to NON's authenticity.

Finally, the product is bottled, presenting an intricate dance of flavours that harmoniously blend floral, tannin, salinity, and acidity. This is NON's identity, encapsulated in a bold, iconic design. It's best enjoyed chilled in a wine glass, suitable for any occasion.

NON8 Torched Apple and Oolong: A Symphony of Flavour Unveiled

This amber elixir, with its rich nose and crisp apple acidity, stands as a testament to the artistry of flavour curation. Let's delve into the alchemical process that gives birth to this extraordinary concoction.

The Creative Alchemy: Crafting NON8 Torched Apple and Oolong

Fruit: Freeze-Dried Apple Cubes

The journey of NON8 begins with a meticulous 24-hour cold steep of freeze-dried apple cubes, sourced exclusively from the lush orchards of Red Hill Farms in the Mornington Peninsula. Freeze drying, a process that removes a staggering 85% of water molecules from the fruit, serves as the first step in concentrating the pure essence of apple flavour. The result is nothing short of magic, as the amber liquid captures the very soul of the apple, its crispness and vibrancy.

Cacao Nibs: Elevating the Nose

But the magic doesn't stop there. Cacao nibs join the dance, steeped both cold and hot to extract every nuance of their rich, chocolatey depth. This infusion adds a layer of opulence to the nose of NON8, teasing the senses with anticipation.

Tannin: Keemun Tea and Oolong Tea

To imbue the elixir with tannin and a complex tapestry of floral and woody notes, a blend of Keemun tea and Oolong tea takes center stage. This infusion elevates NON8 to a level of sophistication that transcends traditional beverages. And as a grand finale, a subtle hint of ginger emerges, offering a delightful, unexpected bite, a final flourish to an already symphonic experience.

Salinity: Murray River Salt

Now, let's talk about that hint of salinity that makes the taste buds dance. Murray River salt, hailing from the pristine landscapes of Australia, adds a layer of complexity to NON8, creating a mouth-watering sensation that keeps you coming back for more.

Acid: Verjuice from Semillon Grapes

To balance the flavour profile, NON8 harnesses the vibrant acidity of verjuice, derived from Semillon grapes sourced from the illustrious Barossa Valley in Australia. This addition not only adds a refreshing zing but also underscores the beverage's commitment to using real, quality ingredients.

Balance: Sugar with Salt

The final piece of the puzzle is the balance between sugar and salt. It's a delicate act, as sugar is pushed to the very edge to unlock an incredible depth of flavour while ensuring a perfectly rounded mouthfeel. This harmonious marriage of sweet and salty is what sets NON8 apart, making it a true masterpiece of flavour craftsmanship.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of NON.


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