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Nature's Melodic Journey: Krug's Lyrical Homage to Lemon.

Since time immemorial, humanity has treasured the abundant treasures bestowed by nature, yearning to magnify their inherent beauty. Amidst this pursuit, they found the essence of true craftsmanship - an enchanting dance between simplicity and an intimate bond with the earth.

For Krug, individuality stands tall in their artistic repertoire, recognizing each vineyard plot as a unique ingredient, contributing its soul to the alchemy of Krug Champagne.

With every passing year, the House of Krug reveres this philosophy, raising a toast to the unassuming, yet powerful, single ingredient that, when united with Krug Grande Cuvée or Krug Rosé, orchestrates a symphony of delights. Cultivating the allure of differences becomes a boundless fountain of creativity.

In 2023, Krug embarks on a jubilant celebration of benevolence and vitality - a lyrical ode to the vibrant citrus, the illustrious lemon. Crowned as the solitary muse, its zesty character and electrifying charisma imbue Krug pairings with a captivating ebb and flow. Delectably tangy, nutritionally rich, and exquisitely intricate, lemons earn the applause of all who savour their virtues.

As Krug raises its glass to the lemon, craftsmanship and diversity dance in a symphony of flavours, shining the spotlight on the virtuosity of the Cellar Master, Julie Cavil. With each indulgent sip of Krug Champagne, the lemon's essence entwines, creating an unparalleled sensorial escapade.

This unassuming citrus rises like a conductor, guiding the orchestra of taste, infusing Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug Rosé with its radiant spirit.

In the muse that is the lemon, Krug unveils a jubilant ode to nature's wonders, crafting a melody that resounds with harmony and creativity. From vineyard to flute, the legacy of Joseph Krug reverberates, fostering an eternal bond with terroir and a profound reverence for the gifts bestowed by Mother Nature.

As far as Krug’s currently available expressions are concerned, anyone harbouring a weak spot for champagne would find themselves hard-pressed to go past the awe-inspiring Krug Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition, a masterpiece crafted from a fusion of 131 wines spanning 12 exceptional years. From the youthful exuberance of 2015 to the venerable elegance of 2000, this elixir unveils an alchemy of flavours that dance upon the palate in perfect harmony.

A symphony of sensations emerges from the meticulous blend of 45% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay, and 18% Meunier which for nearly seven years aged gracefully in the celestial cellars of Krug, emerging with its distinct expression and unparalleled elegance, leaving an indelible mark on the senses.

The tale behind its creation is one of triumph over adversity. The 2015 harvest, marked by scorching heat and drought, posed a formidable challenge to the vineyards. Yet, nature's wisdom prevailed, and with a timely gift of rain and moderate temperatures, the berries flourished, becoming the essence of this remarkable Édition.

The number 171 signifies not merely a fleeting moment, but a journey encompassing the rich legacy of the House of Krug. Each bottle bears its Krug iD, an enchanting tale of its creation, a story that unfolds with every sip.

With a luminous golden hue and effervescent bubbles that frolic with anticipation, Krug Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition teases the senses with a bouquet of blooming flowers, ripe fruits, and whispers of marzipan and gingerbread.

On the palate, flavours of almond paste, quince, lemon, limoncello, and dried fruits enrapture the taste buds, while delicate grilled notes add depth to its character.

The allure of this expression lies in its harmonious pairing with an array of culinary delights, from the simplest pleasures to the most intricate dishes, Krug Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition elevates every dining experience to a realm of extraordinary indulgence.

In a bit to complement Krug’s Grand Cuvée offerings, the fifth generation of the House of Krug dared to envision the impossible - a Rosé Champagne that defied conventions, to be reborn with each passing year. Thus, Krug Rosé was incepted - an unexpected blend of elegance and boldness, an artfully calibrated array of flavours crafted from the finest vineyards.

Krug Rosé 27ème Édition embodies this visionary dream, a testament to the art of blending. Composed of 38 wines spanning 9 exceptional years, it is a kaleidoscope of time, where the youthful vibrancy of 2015 meets the timeless elegance of 2005.

To infuse unparalleled spiciness, colour, and structure, 10% traditionally macerated Pinot Noir from the vineyards of Aÿ and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ found its way into this exceptional creation. The final blend boasts a captivating harmony of 57% Pinot Noir, 23% Chardonnay, and 20% Meunier, each contributing to its mesmerizing allure.

At first sight, the delicate pale pink hue tantalizes, promising elegance and grace. On a captivating olfactory journey, the Krug Rosé 27ème Édition reveals its true essence—a harmonious blend of scents that dance like musical notes on the nose.

Picture the allure of rose hips, the smoky elegance of cured ham, the juicy sweetness of mulberries and redcurrants, the delicate allure of peony, the fiery spice of pepper, and the tangy brightness of pink grapefruit. Each scent is a unique instrument in this symphonic performance, enticing and enchanting all who partake in its aroma.

As the first sip caresses the palate, a delicate dance commences—a graceful choreography of flavours that bewitch and beguile. Honey unveils its sweet richness, intertwining with the bright zest of citrus, while a medley of dried fruits unfolds, adding a touch of opulence.

The grand finale is a lingering finish, elevated by the fine bubbles that serenade your senses, leaving you utterly spellbound.

Yet, what sets the Krug Rosé 27ème Édition apart is its audacious spirit—it dares to be different, embracing the company of savoury dishes with effortless elegance. Its versatility is unmatched as it effortlessly harmonizes with the bold flavours of spiced dishes, elevating the dining experience to celestial heights.

Surprisingly, the Krug Rosé also finds a soulful connection with desserts, but it is no ordinary companion to sweetness. Instead, it embraces the unexpected, seeking non-sweet delicacies that showcase its full complexity. In each bite, it weaves an intricate tapestry of flavours, challenging your taste buds to new dimensions of pleasure.

For those seeking to experience the symphony of Krug champagnes, the Krug Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition and Krug Rosé 27ème Edition await you.

These divine elixirs can be discovered and savoured through, an enchanted platform where artistry and craftsmanship converge. There, you will also unveil "The Zest is yet to come" cookbook—a gastronomic masterpiece that unites Krug Ambassade Chefs from every corner of the world.

Within its pages, culinary luminaries like Anne-Sophie Pic, Tim Raue, Hélène Darroze, Guillaume Galliot, Enrico Bartolini, Hiroyuki Kanda, and Juan Amador share their original creations, born of passion and innovation.

Essentially, it is not just a cookbook; It is an enchanting tale of flavours, a culinary voyage that transcends borders, and an ode to the art of fine dining.

So, let the symphony of sensations guide you on a journey like no other—a journey where Krug Rosé 27ème Édition and its counterparts awaken your senses, tantalize your taste buds, and celebrate the unparalleled craftsmanship of culinary brilliance. Embrace the unexpected, for with Krug, the zest for life is an everlasting encore.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Krug.


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