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Jabra – earbuds for life’s new rhythm.

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

The Danish company known as Jabra is a brand that might be most prominently known as a leader in office solutions, Bluetooth headsets and telecommunications.

However, over the last couple of years Jabra has made quite a dent in the overcrowded space that is the realm of true wireless earphones.

As the name suggests, true wireless earbuds are not connected by any wires, and use wireless tech to stay connected to each other, as well as the audio source device of choice. Unlike traditional headphones, a potential weakness pertains to the fit, i.e. the ability to remain in one’s ears as well as how battery life caters for daily extensive use.

Well placed smack bang in the middle of Jabra’s ( ) ever expanding line-up of true wireless earphones is the solid Elite 5 model as it offers an affordable solution with a rich, crisp sound quality, that allows for the volume to be dialled up without interfering with the balance or distorting either end of the audio spectrum while effectively eliminating noise.

Resistant to both dust and water and equipped with hands-free Alexa support, Jabra’s Elite 5 deliver a well-balanced audio experience, which can be further augmented by an effective five-band EQ, including pre-set sounds loops, and a Jabra Sound + companion app, which presents further control customization options outside the confines of the physical buttons.

Lightweight in nature and elegantly sculpted from sturdy plastic, the Elite 5 come with three sizes of slippage reducing Ear Gels silicone tips, allowing for a snug yet comfortably sealed fit, with the buttons being responsive enough to not impact on the positioning of the earbuds or running danger of pushing them further in.

Connectivity-wise, Bluetooth 5.2 is the name of the game, which, if desired so, enables the “Find my Jabra” location tracking and the mics work fine for phone calls with the focus set on clarity of speech and frequency response.

In terms of battery life, they deliver close to seven hours with the USB-C or alternatively QI-surface charging case offering roughly another twenty-one hours of extra charge, depending on the volume and use of ANC, Hear Through and Off modes, which can be controlled via the app with a fader in a bid to fintetune adjustments in alignment with the respective environment.

Stepping things up a notch or two in terms of comfort, even better calibrated noise isolation, a more neutral sound profile and versatility, is the aptly named Jabra Elite 7 “Pro” True Wireless model.

Apart from almost all of the features that the aforementioned Jabra 5 is equipped with, the unobtrusive Elite 7 Pro excels when it comes to the quality of mic recordings, impressive app features and algorithm powered voice-pickup bone conduction sensors geared at voice projection enhancing call quality.

Housed in a soft-touch charging case and easily handling H2O and dust, what I love about the Elite 7 Pro is the fact that due to the creation of a pressure tight-seal, it thereby naturally reduces environmental noise even without relying on the Active Noise Cancelling feature, which makes them a borderline perfect companion for vigorous workouts, be it pounding the pavement or at the gym.

Not unlike it did with the Elite 5, the Jabra Sound+ app allows for the full experience to be unlocked, including but not limited to a My Sound feature to construct a personalized sound profile.

Backed by a great battery life and durability, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro rank high in the affordable range of high-end true wireless earbuds.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Jabra.


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