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EtOH: Alchemists of the Spirit World.

In the realm of spirits, we've traversed landscapes of whiskey-soaked Scottish moors, gin-kissed English meadows, and tequila-baked Mexican deserts. But within this global odyssey lies a curious anomaly – EtOh, a Danish entity that transcends mere geography. Here, the magic lies not in sun-drenched fields or ancient traditions, but in the audacity to rewrite the very rules of spirit creation.

EtOh isn't content with the slow, patient slumber of years spent in oak barrels. They're the alchemists of the spirit world, wielding science as their wand and a custom-built reactor as their cauldron. With the crackle of ultrasound and the measured application of heat and oxygen, they conjure complex flavours that traditionally demand decades to emerge.

They understand the soul of a spirit isn't born solely in the crucible of science. It craves the whispers of tradition, the slow caress of time. That's why they source high-quality base spirits and meticulously chosen casks, marrying their innovative techniques with the wisdom of the ages.

Skepticism, a natural companion of the unconventional, shadowed my first encounter with an EtOh "emission." Arbejd, it was called, and its name – Danish for "work" – hinted at the unorthodox path it had taken.

But the first whiff dispelled my doubts. Peat smoke, whispers of the sea, and the faintest echo of sherry swirled in a captivating ballet.

The taste, a revelation.

Charred wood waltzed with saline tang and stone fruits, all under the smoky embrace of a young Islay powerhouse. This wasn't just a spirit; it was a testament to their audacious vision, a symphony composed in mere days, not years.

Next came Hafnium, a name that whispered of hidden depths. The nose, a delightful detonation of sherry bombs, offered up sultanas and honeyed dates, their sweetness tempered by ginger and coffee's bitter kiss. The palate, a playground of orange marmalade, cinnamon, oak, and maple syrup, all dancing atop a foundation of dried fruit bounty. The finish, a luxurious echo of milk chocolate and raisins, resonated with the enduring melody of sherry.

EtOh's creations are a paradox – young yet undeniably complex.

In a blind tasting, could even the most discerning palate discern the difference between these days-old spirits and their traditionally aged counterparts?

Perhaps not.

Perhaps EtOh, with their scientific sorcery, has stumbled upon a future where time itself bends to the will of the alchemist.

So, overcome your scepticism and try EtOh yourself. They've certainly challenged the status quo, rewritten the script, proving that magic isn't confined to dusty barrels and forgotten cellars. It can be found in the hum of a reactor, the dance of science and spirit, and the audacity to dream beyond the boundaries of the known.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of EtOH Spirits.


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