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Cariuma - the art of creating stylish and eco-friendly footwear.

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

One does not necessarily have to be a card-carrying sneakerhead to appreciate a good pair of out in the wild, i.e. one that is visually appealing, versatile, easy to wear with any wardrobe, comfortable and built to last.

While the aforementioned constitutes quite an array of boxes that very few footwear entities tick, every now and then brands emerge that seem to have understood the brief.

Enter Brazil-based trailblazers CARIUMA.

Having initially incarnated with an unrivalled attention to detail and dedication to exclusively using ethically-sourced, premium raw materials, not merely for the creation of its kicks but also with one of its foci firmly set on sustainability, a penchant for eco-friendliness and making sure that all packaging is recyclable, the brand has evolved to a veritable heavyweight on the horizon of tastemakers.

What I have grown to love about CARIUMA is the brand’s pronounced style sensibility without ever running danger of lacking vibrance. Substantiated with clean and thought through designs, no matter if their lifestyle sneakers catch your attention or if you are more into their shock absorbing kicks geared towards skateboarding, which prove to be responsive right out of the box, it is not further wondrous that Cariuma’s range has been instantaneously embraced by a diverse crowd of sneaker aficionados.

In essence, CARIUMA ( ) has managed to position itself in a niche between traditional cool classic sneakers and big corporate entities that usually lack social responsibility.

By having created its idiosyncratic own lane centred around the curation of responsibly and harm-free sourced materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, cork, recycled nylon / PET / paper to create enjoyable and easy-on-the-eye future classics that have been made to evolve in unison with its owner and are imbued with a timeless sense-of-style over status quo approach.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Cariuma.


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