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Audio = Ground Zero: JBL Live Pro 2 TWS + TWS

JBL has much more to offer than the array of Bluetooth speakers it has become known for over the last couple of years, as the brand has contributed heavily to the improvement of speakers at large over the last hundred years.

Not only did JBL set the de-facto standard in concert touring speakers and sound systems in IMAX theatres, but their technology is inextricably linked to legendary recording studios like Abbey Road and their playback speakers and festivals like Woodstock.

In the realm of manufacturing superb headphones, JBL has firmly established itself on the forefront of offering cutting edge products in each tier, be it for affordable and cheerful options or higher end products for the dedicated audiophile.

When it comes to feature laden low-frequency depth in-ears, JBL’s stem styled Live Pro 2 TWS earbuds offer a powerful audio performance, which manages to masterfully accentuate both high and lows along with functionality in the noise cancellation department, a ten band customizable EQ and a full-featured app with hands-free Alexa and Google Assistant.

Coming equipped with three pairs of silicone ear tips, it is ensured that they fit snugly, which enhances the easy-to-operate capacitive touch panel on the outside of each earpiece where simple tapping switches between ANC and ambient modes, as well as enabling the Talk Thru mode.

Simple tapping the respective earpieces is again the name of the game when it comes to handling playback, with double tapping skipping tracks forward, and triple tapping taking one to the previous song. Double tapping on either earpiece accepts incoming calls and ends any in progress.

IPX5 water-resistance ensures that the Live Pro 2 can withstand splashes and low-pressure jets from any direction.

Housed in medium-sized Qi standard supporting wireless charging case, which is enhanced by a status LED display, reveals the remaining battery life of the ten hours it can last in addition to the thirty hours the case itself can provide, while a USB-C port sits on the back for the included USB-A-to-USB-C charging cable.

Having used the Live Pro 2 TWS in-ears while travelling, I appreciated the exquisite quality noise cancellation for the price, which manages to expertly take out distracting noise in casual environments.

During workouts, the automatic pause is a handy feature as it stops the music when an earbud falls out and the Find My Buds feature helps to locate each one individually by resonating with a high-pitched beep.

Summa summarum, JBL’s Live Pro 2 is a small, sleek looking, well-rounded and feature-packed pair of true wireless earbuds that ticks all the boxes in terms of style, energetic sound quality and affordability.

Stepping things up a notch or two and geared towards connoisseurs is the beauty that is the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS True Wireless Earbuds not merely because of the aesthetically pleasing packaging they come in, but with the extensive gear they are accompanied by, i.e. five differently-sized ear tips, a USB-C charging cable, a charging case, and two differently sized sets of stabilisers.

While this little numbers comes with all the features the aforementioned Live Pro 2 came with, what sets it apart is the schmick design of the superbly built compact and sturdy yet lightweight LED equipped charging case, which is understated and classy, along with the minimalist details of the scratch and sweat resistant, oval shaped earbuds with touch-sensitive surfaces, protruding from the ear just the right amount so they can be easily inserted and pulled out.

Hands-free functionality is ensured via smart capabilities, i.e. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant voice activation and as far as active noise cancelling technology is concerned, JBL’s Tour Pro+ maximises audio quality by drawing on both external and internal microphones to reduce distracting noises.

Compared to the Live Pro 2, the Tour Pro+ do not merely deliver punchy bass but also excel in the mid-range and top notes department and with up to 32 hours of playback time, this baby will keep you going all day.

Another fantastic feature the Tour Pro+ accomplishes compared to similarly priced competitors is the crystal-clear communication courtesy of six microphones focusing on placing your voice front- and centre.

By personalising EQ settings, one can create customising frequency levels of the balanced sound signature, which I love.

In essence, the Tour Pro+ TWS proves to be one of my favourite products from JBL, especially because of the design, the quality of voice calls and the equilibrium between price and high-end performance.


images from company website

T • October 10, 2022


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