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Audio = Ground Zero: Harman Kardon Citation MultiBeam 1100 soundbar

The first time I was exposed to Dolby Atmos was at the recent premiere of Rammstein’s new album Zeit, which was streamed live in select cinemas around the globe.

Given that Zeit is Rammstein’s most digitally influenced record to date and heavily informed by their trademark enigmatic sound design with post-production effects galore, having it mixed in Dolby Atmos made a lot of sense and the premiere proved to be an example par excellence for an immersive sound experience.

Now, if you are remotely familiar with Harman Kardon, Citation would ring a bell as some of the most prominent and highest performing amplifiers in Hi-Fi history carry that name, with the Multibeam 1100 being Harman Kardon’s latest emission, channelling their audio technology alchemy into your home.

If you are looking for a soundbar that not merely adds Dolby Atmos to the mix but takes things to the next level in terms of creating an all-enveloping sounds experience, look no further: By adding overhead audio channels and employing the total of its eleven drivers, six racetrack drivers and three one inch tweeters, you would be hard pressed to currently find a match to this powerhouse.

With its two up-firing height channels to create the equivalent of a three-dimensional wall of sound, it can not only be connected to your TV via regular means but has the capability to stream music directly from its in-built Apple Air Play, Alexa Multi-Room Music and Chromecast services.

But first things first: With its automatic room calibration, Harman Kardon’s Citation MultiBeam 1100 meticulously analyses the layout of your abode, to then calibrate and make the most of its audio output by aligning it with the nature of its surroundings.

While quite a few soundbars that we have previously covered come equipped with the aforementioned feature, what sets this model apart if Harman Kardon’s PureVoice technology, which manages to precisely clarify and enhance nuanced sounds and speech through its centre channel at any volume.

The fact that the MultiBeam 1100’s elegant design is informed by the utmost attention to detail does not hurt either.

With its subtle, delicate real wool dirt-repelling and flame-retarding fabric covering and timeless aluminium details courtesy of the renowned Danish design innovator Kvadrat, this sleek little number blends in with your home decor and adds a delightfully understated stylish nuance.

Further accentuated via its fine resolution and intuitive, tactile luminous LCD touch screen interface, it shows the album cover and name of the artist. That is if you do not prefer to conveniently control the system via its remote control or the voice-assistant enabled function.

Summa summarum, no matter what your jam is – be it movies, music or games - within the confines of soundbars and home sound systems, Harman Kardon’s Citation MultiBeam 1100 has raised the bar significantly and elevated things to a whole new, highly defined level.

As an audiophile, I can attest that this baby is of the most complete, expansive and accomplished systems I have experienced so far.

It not only adds joy to the listening experience but provides an excellent balance of good quality sound and easy installation without the added complication of having to buy individual components.


image from company website

T • July 1, 2022


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