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Amber Lane Distillery - A Choreographed Symphony of Barrel Selection.

Amber Lane is the dazzling newcomer to the Australian whisky realm that's sending ripples through the industry with an age-old casking dance and an audacious spirit of innovation.

Step into the world of Amber Lane, guided by the visionaries Rod Berry and his kindred spirit, Phil. Self-professed whisky enthusiasts and cosmic explorers, they embarked on a celestial journey that led them to an enchanting parcel of land in Wyong, nestled along the shores of the Central Coast of NSW. Here, they unveiled their dreams of distillation, a reverie inspired by their passion for the stars. Guided by Rod's deep dive into the art of whisky-making at the prestigious Australian Whisky Academy and further enriched by his dalliances with Cognac, Armagnac, and Brandy, Amber Lane was born.

Rod's Sojourn Amongst the Stars

Gaze into Rod Berry's odyssey, a pilgrimage across the hallowed distilleries of Scotland. A tapestry woven with the threads of time, he gleaned insights into the mystique of distillation – from the delicate ballet of fermentation times to the symphony of diverse still sizes. Rod's reverence for heritage and technique was akin to the astronomers who decipher the constellations, charting a course through the enigmatic realm of spirits.

Amber Lane Unveils the Symphony of PX Casks

In a dance with the ages, Amber Lane pays homage to the time-honored maturation methods of Cognac and Brandy. Witness how the spirit traverses realms, from its original exuberance to the embrace of diverse barrels, creating a harmonious maturation that sidesteps the clutches of over-oaking. Inspired by the artisans of yore, who nurtured their nectars within barrels for decades, Rod embarked on a quest. Yet, Amber Lane's stage is vastly different – the ardent sun of Australia illuminates their path. The result: whisky destined for glory, resting within ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky, with dalliances in sherry casks. A touch of Spanish and Portuguese allure graces their destiny, courtesy of sherry casks sourced from renowned bodegas, including the illustrious Fernando de Castilla. As Rod sets forth on a transcontinental sojourn, a symphony of cask exploration unfolds, promising a cacophony of flavors yet to be savored.

A crescendo of anticipation culminated in April 2022, as Amber Lane unveiled its maiden offerings, not a moment too soon nor too late. Patiently crafted for a minimum of 3 to 4 years, their expressions epitomize the essence of maturation. In their portfolio, an orchestra of options unfurls – pure ex-bourbon, exquisite ex-sherry, and harmonious unions of both, ensuring every palate finds its muse. Amongst the stars of their ensemble, the 'laneway' series takes center stage. Behold the No.1 Sherry Lane, a single cask opus immersed in ex-sherry (apera), and the No.1 Noble Lane, its finale marked by an embrace with an ex-botrytis Semillon cask, an elixir from the vineyards of the gods.

As Rod's voyages unfurl, expect a tapestry of innovation woven with casks of distinction, a symphony of maturation that shall echo through the corridors of time, a testament to Amber Lane's indomitable spirit and dedication to the art of whisky.

In the spotlight of partnership, Amber Lane’s voyage with The Whisky List, a partnership that aligns the stars and continues AL’s liquid on lips strategy, serenading audiences at tasting events and whisky galas, with anetwork that straddles realms on and off premise, a coterie that embraces the artistry of whisky and the symphony of satisfaction.

Oliver Maruda, the Co-Founder of The Whisky List, harmonizes, "Yearning for Australian whisky with the resonating notes of Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry casks is palpable. Amber Lane's symphony of flavors, its essence reminiscent of the grandeur of Macallan, Glenfarclas, and GlenDronach, draws the heart of Scotch whisky lovers. The first sip shall unveil the luxuriant, intricate tapestry that is Amber Lane, beckoning those who admire the amber elixir."

He adds, "Amber Lane's stately 700ml bottles are a jewel for the top shelves, a treasured relic of premium collections. They accompany cuisine with grace or stand boldly next to a crackling campfire, a tribute to the Aussie spirit on chilly winter nights."

Amidst this resounding applause, the Australian audience finds itself at the cusp of an Amber Lane revelation. The illustrious Silk Road, the melodious Sleigh Bells, the noble Noble Lane, the equinox of Equinox, and the liquid ember of Liquid Amber await their presence. Limited editions, like the Double Gold-laden Apera 087, stand poised to be discovered at chosen sanctuaries and bars across Australia and within the virtual halls of The Whisky List's online realm.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Amber Lane.


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