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Whiskey and the High West Journey: A Culinary Odyssey at Hinchcliff House.

In the heart of the Old West, where legends of rugged cowboys and untamed landscapes persist, there's a distillery that has redefined the art of crafting spirits. High West Distillery, founded in 2006 by the visionary couple David and Jane Perkins, has become an emblem of innovation and excellence in the world of whiskey. What makes their story all the more fascinating is the extraordinary path that led them to the creation of a globally recognized brand.

David Perkins, a former biochemist, found his inspiration during a visit to a Kentucky whiskey distillery. As he observed the intricate dance of fermentation and distillation, he couldn't help but draw parallels between the scientific alchemy of his past and the magical transformation happening in barrels of whiskey. It was in that moment, amidst the heady aromas of aging spirits, that the dream of High West was born.

In 2004, David and his family decided to make a bold move, relocating to the picturesque Park City, Utah. Their venture began in 2007 when they fired up the stills. Park City wasn't chosen by mere chance; it was a deliberate decision rooted in David's profound affection for the Old West and a lesser-known chapter in Utah's whiskey history.

High West embarked on its journey with humble beginnings, setting up a small 250-gallon still and a Saloon in a historic livery stable and garage in downtown Park City. Little did they know that this modest start would eventually burgeon into an internationally acclaimed, award-winning brand.

But High West isn't just about whiskey; it's about storytelling. It's about preserving the spirit of the Old West, the untamed wilderness, and the fiery passions that defined the era. The very essence of their craft lies in their ability to transport you to the heart of the mountains, to the very soul of Utah, with each sip of their carefully crafted spirits.

And now, the story continued in the heart of Sydney, where the iconic Lana restaurant's chefs have collaborated with High West to curate an exceptional four-course whiskey tasting dinner.

Hosted on Level Two of Hinchcliff House, this event promised to be a transcendent experience for whiskey aficionados.

Brendan Coyle, High West's renowned Master Distiller, guided us through this journey of whiskey and culinary artistry, enabling us to experience first-hand what makes Utah's whiskey so exceptional with each course is expertly paired with High West's signature whiskeys.

The evening began with High West Double Rye, a blend of youthful and mature ryes that weaves a complex tapestry of flavours. The palate dances between sweet vanilla, oak, and a symphony of herbaceous notes.

Next came High West Bourbon, a blend of two straight Bourbons, aged to perfection. With hints of caramel, toasty spices, cherries, and honey, it's a testament to the craftsmanship of High West.

The journey continues with High West's High Country American Single Malt, an on-the-grain distillation method that gives it a distinctive roasted malt character. Paired with torched whiskey-glazed salmon crudo, it not merely promised but proved to be a match made in heaven.

And finally, the night concluded with High West Campfire, a tantalizing blend of bourbon, rye, and peated single malt Scotch whiskies. Its juicy mid-palate offers a medley of flavours, from dried fruit to vanilla and faint smoke, an experience that's reminiscent of a Highlander's journey through the rugged terrain.

The culinary journey was as enchanting as the whiskey itself, with each course being an artful creation, carefully designed to complement the respective whiskey's unique character. From corn bisque clam chowder to Brooklyn Valley pasture-fed striploin, the menu tantalized the taste buds.

As we savoured a chocolate, whiskey, and wattle seed tart, we could not help but find ourselves immersed in a world where the Old West meets culinary sophistication.

Essentially, this special evening at Hinchcliff House was a celebration of craftsmanship, passion, and the enduring legacy of High West Distillery, offering an opportunity to partake in a journey through the flavours and tales of the Old West, brought to life by High West Whiskey and the culinary expertise of Lana restaurant.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of AW and High West.


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