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Waubs Harbour's Tasmanian Whisky Craftsmanship: A Decadent PX Sherry Cask Masterpiece.

Waubs Harbour Distillery, a bastion of craft distillation, has woven a tale of innovation and tradition into each drop of this limited release via its on-site coopering expertise. The vibrant hue, courtesy of PX Sherry, speaks volumes about its character.

What started with a base of apera stock, utilizing coopered casks from Waubs Harbour's own facility, which imparted delightful apple creaminess and biscuity malt flavors, the whisky was then transferred into PX casks, adding layers of sticky raisin and date-like richness. The marriage of these elements creates a seamless transition, a symphony of depth and juiciness.

With the addition of Waubs oils, complexity blossoms, culminating in a beautifully long-lasting finish.

The nose of Waubs Harbour's PX Sherry Single Malt Whisky orchestrates a crescendo of aromas, each note distinct yet harmoniously intertwined. Imagine yourself in a grand concert hall, where the air is thick with anticipation, and as the conductor raises the baton, the first chord resonates:

Like the opening notes of a melancholic sonata, the aroma of dried fruits fills the air, evoking memories of sun-drenched orchards and the sweetness of nostalgia.

Picture plump figs and succulent raisins dancing on the breeze, their rich, fruity essence weaving through the senses with each inhalation.

Amidst the symphony of fruits, a caramelized sweetness emerges, reminiscent of golden sunlight filtering through autumn leaves.

The scent of sweet toffee envelops you like a warm embrace, its buttery richness inviting you to linger a little longer in this sensory reverie.

And just as you settle into the sweetness, a spicy crescendo builds, like the crackle of dry leaves underfoot. The aroma of oak, infused with warm spices, adds depth and complexity to the composition, infusing it with a sense of anticipation and intrigue.

But the journey is far from over. As the whisky caresses your palate, it unveils a canvas of flavors as rich and varied as a masterful painting:

Imagine the velvety richness of dark chocolate melting on your tongue, each decadent bite hinting at a bitter-sweetness. What materialises on the top of the mouth is a testament to this indulgence, offering layers of cocoa goodness that linger and beguile with their depth and intensity.

Not unlike a delicate counterpoint to the chocolatey melody, the flavours of prunes and walnuts emerge, their earthy sweetness adding a touch of rustic charm to the composition.

As the last notes fade into the ether, a lingering finish embraces you like a firm, warm embrace, leaving behind a trail of sweetness and spice that dances on the tongue.

The sweetness of sherry reverberates on the palate, a gentle reminder of the whisky's heritage and the casks that nurtured it, while beneath it all, the subtle dance of spice with treacle, citrus zest and raspberry freshness continues, like a hidden melody waiting to be discovered. It adds depth and complexity to the whisky's finish, tantalizing the senses with its enigmatic presence and leaving you longing for just one more sip.

Waubs Harbour's PX Sherry Single Malt Whisky finds harmony in the company of robust flavors. From aged cheeses to dark chocolate desserts, from contemplative cigars to spicy meat dishes, each pairing elevates the whisky's complexity, enriching the respective experience with depth and warmth.

Not unlike Waubs Harbour did with its accomplished previous expressions, the distillery once again defies the constraints of convention with its latest opus.

But amidst this carefully calibrated decadence of flavors and aromas, one can't help but wonder: where, indeed, is Waubs Harbour's peat expression?

We cannot wait.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Waubs Harbour Distlllery.


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