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Unveiling "Message In A Bottle" at Sydney Opera House: Where Dance Meets Hope.

From 25-29 October, the Sydney Opera House, in a grand Australian premiere, hosts a ground-breaking fusion of music, movement, and emotion in a mesmerizing dance-theatre spectacle titled "Message In A Bottle." This audacious creation comes to life under the visionary choreography of award-winning artist Kate Prince and the resounding music of none other than the 17-time Grammy Award-winner, Sting. It's a harmonious collision of creativity, all part of the Opera House's 50th Birthday Festival.

The Tale of Humanity and Hope

"Message In A Bottle" transcends the boundaries of gravity-defying hip-hop and contemporary dance, weaving them seamlessly with breath-taking music. At its core, this enthralling performance is a poignant narrative of humanity and hope, navigating the turbulent waters of the global refugee crisis through the intimate lens of one resilient family.

The stage unfolds to reveal a vibrant village, pulsating with joyous celebrations, until it's abruptly besieged by chaos. In the midst of this turmoil, three siblings - Leto, Mati, and Tana - find themselves cruelly separated from their parents. Thus begins a perilous journey to unfamiliar lands, setting the stage for their extraordinary adventures.

What sets "Message In A Bottle" apart is how it vividly breathes life into the siblings' emotions and struggles, from the initial pangs of dispossession to the relentless human spirit's drive to persevere and survive.

The Soundscape of Resilience

An exquisite soundscape, punctuated with new vocals by Sting and fresh arrangements by Grammy and Tony Award-winner Alex Lacamoire (known for his work on "Hamilton" and "The Greatest Showman"), forms the backdrop of this enthralling journey. The setlist is a masterpiece in itself, featuring iconic songs like "Every Breath You Take," "Roxanne," "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," "Walking On The Moon," "Englishman In New York," "Shape Of My Heart," and "Fields Of Gold."

A Dream Unveiled on the World Stage

Kate Prince, Zoo Nation Artistic Director, Director, and Choreographer of "Message In A Bottle," shares her excitement about bringing the show to the iconic Sydney Opera House. The journey from a mere dream of choreographing a dance performance to Sting's legendary music to realizing it on a global stage has been nothing short of monumental. It marks the first-ever visit to Australia for Kate Prince and Zoo Nation, adding another remarkable chapter to their artistic journey.

Sting himself, acknowledged the powerful impact of "Message In A Bottle." He lauds the imaginative storytelling and breath-taking choreography for bringing new life to his timeless songs.

A Dance of Compassion and Courage

Addressing subjects as raw and real as civil conflict, family displacement, perilous sea journeys, and detention centres through dance can be a daunting endeavour. "Message In A Bottle" takes on these subjects with grace, weaving them into a narrative that is both moving and hopeful. The production's clarity, immediacy, and broad appeal are undeniable. At its heart, it pulsates with infectious energy that spills over the edge of the stage, making it an unforgettable experience. In all likelihood, "Message In A Bottle" is poised to be a resounding success.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Boud.


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