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Truth & Consequence: Unveiling the Essence of Cask-Strength Whisky.

In the world of whisky, where craft and tradition merge into liquid gold, Truth & Consequence stands as a beacon of authenticity. With a passion for purity and a dedication to preserving the soul of single-cask whisky, Truth & Consequence curates and selects, limited-run Scottish and Australian cask-strength expressions.

The mission of this Independent Bottler is clear: to capture the untamed essence and viscosity of single-cask whisky straight from the source. With unwavering dedication, they seek the extraordinary while preserving the DNA and lineage of every precious drop bearing their name to ensure transparency.

Decades of Expertise

Decades of experience in the industry have honed Truth & Consequence’s tasting and selection process. They steadfastly refuse hard filtration or the addition of artificial colour, allowing the natural hues imparted by the wood to shine through, free from gimmicks and artifice.

Truth & Consequence is the offering from David M. Koutsoukos and Ross Havezov, seasoned whisk(e)y purveyors. Both raised in environments steeped in the world of spirits, David and Ross began their journey as whisk(e)y collectors. Their passion led them to delve into the rich history of the whisk(e)y industry, exploring the intricate art and science of distillation and bottling.

Their vision was clear: to champion the remarkable diversity of Australian whiskies and showcase as many distilleries as possible. The Old Barrelhouse, their earlier venture, offers the largest selection of Australian whiskies available. As they navigated the growing Australian whisky market, the dream of curating selected boutique whiskies was conceived.

On The Old Barrelhouse website, the Whisky Museum's website becomes a treasure trove for enthusiasts. Here, a world of rare and elusive bottles unfolds, ranging from the most exceptional expressions to those charmingly peculiar releases that vanished in the blink of an eye.

It's a sanctuary for whisk(e)y aficionados, a digital archive where knowledge meets visual delight. Immerse yourself in its pages, rich with research material and a visual feast of high-resolution bottle images. Each bottle comes to life with detailed bottling and tasting notes, making it both an educational resource and a tantalizing gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Independent Bottlers with Integrity

Each whisky distillery has a distinct identity and a commitment to a specific flavour profile. However, they also tread the boundaries, creating unique and exceptional casks that their distillery may not release. This is where discerning Independent Bottlers step in, serving the whisky-loving public and supplying the market with outstanding whiskies that might otherwise remain undiscovered.

For a Scottish or Australian whisky to bear the Truth & Consequence label, it must meet stringent criteria. It must possess impeccable provenance, the highest DNA quality, and a meticulously documented journey. Above all, it must be a whisky that cask-strength connoisseurs will unequivocally adore. Comprehensive information and tasting notes for each bottle enrich the personal voyage of discovery.

Otter Craft Distilling 2019 Vintage

Rarely do you encounter an Australian whisky matured in a single wheated bourbon cask. The elixir was aged in a 47L cask in Otter Craft Distilling's bond store, which was originally commissioned as a 225L vessel by West Fork Whiskey Co in the USA. It was then recoopered on the 24th of March 2017 by the Barrel Mill and imbued with a Char #3 blaze.

This whisky is tailored for the seasoned aficionado. What awaits you is a colossal - truly colossal - flavour profile, rich and complex as it was bottled directly from the cask with no chill filtration or added colour. For this expression, Truth & Consequence employed a simple quarter-inch steel sieve, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand during bottling, to prevent any wood or char fragments from entering the bottle.

On particularly chilly mornings, the whisky may become hazy, affectionately known as the 'Scottish Mist.' This natural phenomenon occurs because all the beautiful oils and fatty acids remain in the liquid, adding layers of flavour and a delightful viscosity to the whisky. A quick shake of the bottle, or a bit of patience as the day warms up, and the Scottish mist dissipates, leaving the flavours intact, not unlike a magician's final act.

Raw, robust, and brimming with flavour, the yield only resulted in 33 bottles at a cask strength of 68.25% ABV.

It greets you with the warmth of burned caramel, like the sweetest memories toasted over a campfire. A hint of toasted marshmallow dances in the air, inviting you to the perfect evening.

As you take a sip, your palate awakens to a sensation both sticky and comforting. It's like biting into a piece of dried cherry, a burst of fruity nostalgia. The subtle notes of gingerbread add a delightful twist to this symphony of flavours, a taste of home in every drop.

The experience lingers, like a fond memory that refuses to fade. It's juicy, as if you've just enjoyed the ripest fruit of the season. In the background, a whisper of cigar box adds a touch of sophistication, while the gentle embrace of pepper spice leaves a pleasant, tingling warmth. It's a journey that lingers on your taste buds, inviting you to savour each moment.

Killara Distillery 2017 Vintage

Killara’s head distiller Kristy Lark-Booth has been producing phenomenal whisky in her own right with the distillery having achieved what many Australian whisky distilleries strive for: 'Consistency' – consistently delicious!

This special Killara, aged to perfection for five years and five months in a rare 100L French oak, ex-Port cask, is a masterpiece of cask and spirit synergy. It rewards patience in the glass, drinks unapologetically raw and brassy, and showcases one of the finest that Tasmania has to offer.

Not unlike Truth & Consequence’s other Aussie expressions, they have bottled this whisky straight from the cask, with only 53 bottles available at retail.

The aroma unfurls like a sweet symphony, blending the delicate fragrance of sugar syrup with the zesty essence of blood orange. A subtle hint of freshly brewed espresso dances in the air, enticing you into the world of flavour.

As it graces your palate, it's like savouring a chewy, decadent treat. Dark chocolate takes centre stage, melting into layers of Christmas spice. It's a rich, velvety experience that wraps you in the warmth of the holiday season.

The finale is a masterpiece in itself, akin to sipping on custard infused with the timeless charm of old leather. Cinnamon gently weaves its way into the mix, leaving a lingering, unforgettable trail. It's a taste that whispers of age-old traditions and cosy evenings by the fire.

Spring Bay Distillery 2019 Vintage

Owners and distillers Cam and Suzy Brett have created their own slice of Tasmanian seaside paradise, producing whisky with a subtle maritime profile reminiscent of the iconic Springbank distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland.

Truth & Consequence handpicked a dusty 100L Apera cask for maturation, originally procured from Willie Smith's, a 4th generation apple brandy maker. This cask started its journey as a 225L vessel, masterfully coopered down to 100 litres, and lightly toasted.

With the cask giving up most of its angels' share as water, the whisky boasts a formidable 65.8% ABV and yields 112 bottles.

Imagine nosing a masterpiece of aromas, where treacle's sweet embrace mingles with the comforting allure of nuttiness. Ripe raisins add their sultry note to this olfactory symphony, promising a journey of depth and richness.

As you take that first sip, you're met with a sensation akin to sipping thick molasses, the very essence of indulgence. It's as if fig jam and cocoa conspired to create a flavour profile that tantalizes your taste buds with their intricate dance.

The finish, oh, it's nothing short of colossal and intense. Sherry spice reigns supreme, leaving an indelible mark on your senses. It's a grand finale that commands attention, the culmination of a remarkable journey through flavour and sensation.

Ardmore Distillery 2010 Vintage

Clocking in at 62.8% ABV, this refill bourbon barrel masterpiece matured undisturbed for 12 years in the Highlands of Scotland, resulting in a bold and intricate elixir.

This being Truth & Consequence’s first release, they employed only a simple 20-micron bag during bottling to catch any wood or char fragments. From there, it was left untouched. With minimal filtration and no added colour, this means all the beautiful long-chain fatty acids and esters remain in the whisky, imparting a velvety mouthfeel and a natural, uninterrupted drinking experience.

Imagine inhaling the essence of a secluded garden, where honeysuckle's delicate sweetness dances with the rich aroma of vanilla bean. Damp earth adds a touch of grounded serenity to this fragrant bouquet.

The first sip is a revelation, akin to tasting apple skins kissed by the sun. Plum yogurt adds a luscious creaminess while soft ash provides a subtle, intriguing contrast.

As the journey culminates, you're greeted by a long, sooty finish, like the remnants of a warm, crackling fire. It leaves you with the memory of golden oak, a reminder of the exquisite adventure that unfolded on your palate.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Truth & Consequence.


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