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Trunk Clothiers: A Sartorial Sojourn Through Time and Threads.

Imagine a world where classic menswear waltzes with contemporary flair, a sartorial soiree where heritage and innovation clink glasses in a toast to timeless style. This, my friends, is the universe of Trunk Clothiers.

Our love affair with Trunk began a decade ago, ignited by a spark in Monocle Magazine – a glimpse of their distinct British panache that promised a vibrant fusion of the tried-and-true with the pulse-quickening new. Like moths drawn to a well-dressed flame, we found ourselves at their Marylebone store, a haven for the sartorially curious, and a now-sacred stop on every London pilgrimage.

Founded in 2010, amidst a seismic shift in menswear, Trunk became a lighthouse in a storm of stylistic change. As barriers crumbled and color exploded onto the scene, Trunk offered a safe harbor for the discerning gentleman.

Their shelves, meticulously curated, brimmed with a global tapestry of quality – impeccable tailoring that whispered of Savile Row heritage, juxtaposed with cozy knitwear that sang of modern comfort.

Their flagship London store and its recently established Zurich counterpart are testaments to this philosophy – grand spaces where timeless elegance waltzes with the invigorating energy of contemporary exploration.

But Trunk isn't just a shop; it's an experience. Their team, as passionate about clothing as a sculptor is about marble,provide not just service, but a personalized sartorial symphony.

From the eagle-eyed buyers who unearth hidden gems to the retail staff whose knowledge would make a haberdasher blush, every interaction is an education in the art of dressing well.

Trunk's arrival coincided with a menswear renaissance, and they became more than just a store – they became a muse. Collaborating with leading photographers, they pioneered a new era of captivating content, showcasing their collection not just as clothing, but as an art form.

The heart of Trunk, however, beats with the rhythm of Italian tailoring. Each meticulously crafted piece is a testament to generations of artistry, garments built to weather the storms of time and trends. From the impeccable drape of a bespoke suit to the timeless charm of a hand-stitched jacket, Trunk's Italian offerings are a love letter to heritage, a celebration of quality that transcends seasons.

But the journey doesn't end in Italy. Trunk ventures beyond, to the sun-drenched shores of Portugal, where the finest cotton is transformed into shirts of unparalleled softness, and chinos that redefine the very meaning of comfort and style. Each garment, emblazoned with the Trunk name, is a tactile poem, an ode to quality that elevates the everyday to the extraordinary.

In an ever changing world of fleeting trends and disposable fashion, Trunk stands defiant. Their philosophy is woven into every stitch – garments built to endure, companions for life's journey, evolving with each wear, growing richer with every story they witness.

To wear Trunk is to become part of a symphony, a carefully orchestrated blend of classic and contemporary. It's a curated life, where wardrobe staples transcend mere function to become timeless treasures. As you lose yourself amidst the meticulously arranged racks, you're not just selecting clothes; you're delving into a curated narrative, a sartorial story that speaks volumes about the discerning gentleman within.

Essentially, Trunk's in-house label is a testament to the enduring power of style, a timeless melody that will never go out of fashion.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Trunk Clothiers.


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