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Tom Beckbe: A Mélange of Timeless Craftsmanship and Modern Outdoor Adventure.

Forget the dusty catalogs and grizzled outfitters of yore—Tom Beckbe isn't your grandfather's hunting gear. This Birmingham, Alabama, company is bringing a touch of Southern charm to the world of outdoor apparel, and it all started with a hankering for something different.

Radcliff Menge, the founder of Tom Beckbe, is a man of two worlds—the thrill of the hunt coursing through his veins, and a deep appreciation for a well-made Manhattan warming his soul.

Tired of the same old options in field jackets, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The result? The Tensaw Jacket, a testament to both rugged practicality and understated style.

Named after the Tensaw Delta, where Menge learned the ropes of the outdoors alongside his grandfather, the Tensaw Jacket embodies the American spirit of adventure. Think softly structured shoulders that flatter your physique, whispering, "I mean business," while gusseted underarms and a bi-swing back roar, "But I can handle it!"

It is akin to a wearable family heirloom, poised to be handed down through generations. The brand prioritizes creating garments that are not merely functional but also imbued with a sense of history and permanence.

A favourite of ours when it comes to Tom Beckbe's creations in the realm of jackets is the Shallowford Jacket. The 8-ounce waxed shelter cloth whispers of durability, promising to shrug off wind, rain, and whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

As you trek through the woods, the bi-swing back and gusseted underarms move with you, not against you – unlike those stiff jackets that make you feel like a mummy.

But here's the beauty of the Shallowford: It's not just about braving the elements. This jacket develops a rich patina over time, a unique story etched in every waxen crease. It's a badge of honor for every adventure, every campfire, every gust of wind you've conquered.

The details are where the Shallowford truly shines. Large, pleated pockets for all your explorer essentials. A cozy, Alabama red clay-inspired cotton lining that feels like a warm hug on a chilly day. Antique brass hardware that adds a touch of rugged elegance (because even Indiana Jones needed a little somethin' somethin').

Just be warned: this jacket might make you inexplicably crave learning to identify animal tracks and argue the merits of different types of firewood. You have been forewarned.

Tom Beckbe's commitment to both form and function is a hallmark of the brand, evident in all of their creations. Consider the legendary jacket worn by previous generations until the elbows showed signs of wear. This image encapsulates the essence of Tom Beckbe. Utilizing rugged materials and classic designs, these pieces are crafted to withstand the elements and beyond.

But what truly sets Tom Beckbe apart?

An unwavering dedication to quality American-made materials and craftsmanship. No faceless factories here—just skilled artisans pouring their expertise into every stitch. This dedication extends to the very essence of the Southern lifestyle. Tom Beckbe understands the deep respect for tradition and the outdoors that runs through the South's veins. They're not just selling jackets; they're crafting companions for a life lived off the beaten path.

So, who is the Tom Beckbe customer? The answer is simple: anyone who craves adventure, a connection to nature, and a touch of Southern flair. Whether you're chasing quail through tall pines or navigating the urban jungle, a Tom Beckbe jacket becomes a trusted partner. It'll handle the mud and the meetings with equal aplomb.

Timeless Threads, Not Disposable Fads

Tom Beckbe does not subscribe to the notion of disposable fashion. Instead, the focus is on creating enduring products, allowing wearers to concentrate on their outdoor adventures without concern for their attire. Whether navigating challenging terrains or discerning between various species of waterfowl, Tom Beckbe's offerings are designed to perform with distinction. The commitment to quality means that each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring longevity and reliability in the field. This philosophy extends to every item in the collection, from jackets to accessories, all designed to provide maximum durability and style.

From bags that can go toe-to-toe with any competitor to new colors and materials that elevate their classic designs, Tom Beckbe is stepping up its game with the result being that it feels not unlike buying vintage Duxbak or old Abercrombie & Fitch—solid, reliable, and built to endure.

The Brushed Cotton Twill Shirt: Your New Campfire Companion with a Touch of Southern Flair

Let's face it, folks. When the wind whispers of winter and the days grow short, your wardrobe needs a hero. Enter the Brushed Cotton Twill Shirt: the flannel on steroids, the fleece with a Ph.D. in comfort.

This bad boy boasts a 4.9oz cotton twill that's softer than a bear cub's belly. It's the kind of shirt that begs for crisp mornings by the campfire, long walks through crunchy leaves, and evenings spent swapping stories under a star-studded sky.

The Brushed Cotton Twill Shirt has a classic fit that won't make you look like you raided a lumberjack convention. It's got two buttoned chest pockets for all your essential gear - think pocket knife, firestarter, maybe a well-worn copy of Walden Pond.

And the details? Oh, the details!

Adjustable cuffs for a perfect fit, a button-down collar that says "rugged sophistication," and a contrasting bottom buttonhole that pays homage to Alabama red clay. It's a subtle touch, but for those of us who know, it's a badge of honor.

Available in a range of colors (Tan, Navy, Olive, Grey, Rust, and Winter Moss), this shirt is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. Dress it up with chinos for a night out, or keep it casual with jeans for a day of exploring.

Ditch the Khakis that Make You Look Like a Lost Tourist: The Redmont Canvas Pant

The world of men's pants can be a sartorial battlefield. Khakis that resemble tents, jeans that feel like sandpaper, and dress pants that come with a side of discomfort. But fear not, weary warriors. The Redmont Canvas Pant has arrived, ready to banish beige boredom and usher in an era of comfortable, classic style.

Made in the USA with 7.5-ounce cotton canvas and a hint of stretch, they've got that perfect balance of structure and flexibility, so you can finally conquer those awkward office chair contortions without feeling like you're about to split a seam.

Here's the kicker: Unlike khakis that scream "rental car vacation," the Redmont Canvas Pants ooze understated cool. The classic fit with a mid-rise keeps things flattering, while the tapered legs avoid that dreaded "funnel effect" at the ankles. They come in Khaki, Hickory (think a more interesting shade of brown), and Grey, so you can choose your weapon of choice for any sartorial battle.

Details-wise, double-needle felled seams provide superior durability and antique brass hardware adds a touch of rugged sophistication. And get this – the front pockets are actually positioned for easy access, unlike those frustratingly shallow caverns you find on most khakis.

Ditch the Droopy Drawstring

Belts can be a fashion yawn. They're the Rodney Dangerfield of accessories – they get no respect. But what if there was a belt that was equal parts handsome and hardworking? A belt that could transform your saggy sweats into a stylish ensemble? Enter the Tom Beckbe Leather Belt: the Chuck Norris of waistline wranglers.

This bad boy is crafted from full-grain American leather, thick enough to stop a runaway belt loop. It's the kind of leather that develops a rich patina over time, telling the story of every buckle change and wardrobe triumph.

This belt is all about customization. It features a removable buckle secured with two Tom Beckbe ring snaps. So you can swap buckles like a fashion chameleon, matching your belt to your mood (or your shoes, if that's your thing).

Summa summarum, for those seeking to elevate their outdoor wardrobe, Tom Beckbe provides a timeless solution.

Each piece is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality, versatility, functionality, and timeless design. The brand's ethos is about more than just clothing; it is about creating a legacy of excellence that will be cherished for generations.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Tom Beckbe.


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