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The Wiseman Rye: A Bold Addition to Kentucky Owl's Line-up.

Few names carry the same weight and prestige as Kentucky Owl. Known for its exceptional quality and unique flavour profiles, Kentucky Owl has been a favourite among whiskey enthusiasts. In April 2022, Kentucky Owl introduced the latest addition to its line-up - The Wiseman Rye, a straight rye whiskey that promises to tantalize the taste buds and challenge the norms of rye whiskey.

A Noteworthy Lineage

Part of the Kentucky Owl family of whiskeys, The Wiseman Rye follows in the footsteps of The Wiseman Bourbon, which made its debut in September 2021. However, this rye variant packs an extra punch with a proof point that's 10 notches higher. Master Blender John Rhea, a seasoned expert in the art of whiskey making, curated this exceptional rye. Distilled by Bardstown Bourbon Company, The Wiseman Rye sets itself apart with a mash bill that consists of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, a departure from the common rye recipes found in Kentucky.

Aromatic Intrigue

When you first encounter The Wiseman Rye, its nose offers an intriguing blend of honeyed sweetness, light rye, and hints of apricot. Caramel, pear, and a subtle grassy note make appearances, creating an aroma that balances sweet and spicy scents. This rye doesn't shout its rye heritage but instead strikes a harmonious chord between the two flavour profiles.

Palate Surprises

Upon tasting, The Wiseman Rye showcases a wave of rye spice complemented by notes of raisin, honey, and lightly toasted oak. As the spice fades, a surprising earthy and somewhat funky flavour emerges, making it stand out from its peers. The drop carries a significant potency but may come across as slightly thin, creating a unique flavour dynamic that can be polarizing.

A Memorable Finish

The Wiseman Rye's finish is where it truly shines. Rye spice takes centre stage once more, accompanied by generous doses of honey and brown sugar sweetness. As the flavours evolve, the sweetness intensifies, creating a memorable conclusion to each sip. The straightforward nature of this finish leaves a lasting positive impression.

Unconventional Character

What sets The Wiseman Rye apart is its departure from the expected flavour profile of high-rye whiskeys. While many might associate such whiskeys with bold and spicy notes, this rye leans more towards its sweeter side, with a notable earthy and funky palate. It challenges preconceptions, offering a unique tasting experience.

A Reasonable Value

Positioned within the same price range as its bourbon counterpart, The Wiseman Rye aims to be a readily available offering. This differs from other Kentucky Owl products, often priced higher or difficult to find.

The Wiseman Rye’s versatility, value, and captivating flavour profile make it a standout choice for both mainstream consumers and enthusiasts alike as it adds depth and dimension to the rye whiskey landscape with its audacious departure from the norm. Its unique flavour profile may require some time to appreciate fully, but for those willing to explore, it offers a rewarding and distinct tasting experience.

As the Kentucky Owl portfolio continues to evolve, The Wiseman Rye proudly takes its place as a memorable and compelling offering.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Kentucky Owl.


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