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The Visionary Legacy of Tom Ford Beauty.

"I aspire to create the first true luxury brand of the 21st century," proclaimed Tom Ford, a visionary whose ambition and creativity have profoundly transformed both the fashion and beauty industry. With Tom Ford Beauty, he realized this dream, curating an irresistible collection of cosmetics and fragrances that encapsulate his vision of modern glamour and unwavering quality.

Renowned for his glamorous and provocative designs at Gucci in the 90s, Tom Ford shook up the beauty industry with the launch of his namesake brand in 2006. As Ford steps down, he leaves a legacy of innovation and luxury, entrusting the future to Peter Hawkings, the new creative director.

Tom Ford's foray into the beauty realm was as audacious as his iconic fashion statements. His debut fragrance, Black Orchid, encapsulated the mystique of one of nature's most enigmatic blooms, establishing his brand's daring and sophisticated spirit. This initial triumph opened the door to a broader cosmetics line, beginning with a collection of lipsticks that revolutionized luxury beauty standards.

What distinguished Tom Ford Beauty was Ford’s knack for infusing eroticism and playfulness into the otherwise staid beauty industry. His products, ranging from unisex fragrances to lipsticks with provocative names like ‘Crush’ and ‘Ensnare,’ shattered conventions and set new trends. Ford’s uncanny ability to anticipate and fulfill consumer desires, often before they were even voiced, solidified his reputation as a trailblazer of 21st-century luxury.

Tom Ford Beauty presents a collection celebrated for its high quality and versatility, catering to all skin types. Among its best-sellers are lipsticks, foundations, and eyeshadows, with perfumes that are especially praised for their enduring and enchanting aromas. Each item, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, embodies Ford’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

Tom Ford redefined beauty as a realm of glamour, sensuality, and luxury, not just through his products but also through their visually stunning packaging that effortlessly enhances any space. His legacy of inspiration and allure endures, with Tom Ford Beauty embodying his vision and celebrating the art of making people look and feel exquisite.

The Allure of Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood has risen to iconic status, renowned for its luxurious and mysterious scent that enthralls perfume aficionados globally. This woody fragrance offers more than just an aroma; it delivers a multi-layered experience, weaving complexity with an inviting allure that has propelled the oud trend into the heart of diverse perfume cultures.

Unveiled in 2007 by the masterful Richard Herpin, Tom Ford Oud Wood is a modern enigma in fragrance form, seamlessly blending woody and spicy notes that conjure visions of ancient, incense-filled temples. The deep, rich fusion of wood and spices makes it irresistibly alluring, amplifying the prestige of Tom Ford as a fragrance brand.

Crafted as a unisex scent, Oud Wood has been instrumental in catapulting oud fragrances into the global spotlight. Renowned for its intense and captivating aroma, oud often serves as a base note in high-end perfumes, adding layers of leather, saffron, and smokiness. The rising popularity of oud fragrances owes much to Tom Ford Oud Wood, which has significantly increased demand among international customers seeking luxurious and sophisticated scents.

The inviting warmth and intricate layers of Tom Ford Oud Wood make it a versatile choice for any occasion. Its top notes of exotic spices like Sichuan Pepper, cardamom, and Brazilian rosewood meld seamlessly with middle notes of amber and vetiver, while the base notes of tonka bean and vanilla add a captivating finish.

Whether you’re gearing up for a romantic date, heading to a casual gathering, or donning your finest for a black-tie affair, the intricate composition of Tom Ford Oud Wood ensures an unforgettable olfactory experience, making it a signature scent for many.

One of the aspects we love about Tom Ford Oud Wood is that it boasts remarkable longevity, lingering on the skin for a generous seven to eight hours.

Tom Ford Oud Wood arrives in a captivating bottle reminiscent of a revered chess piece, its graceful contours echoing the brand's opulent essence and unwavering devotion to precision. This exquisite design elevates any showcase, exuding the gratification of possessing a fragrance of such esteemed distinction.

Skincare Revolution: Tom Ford Research Intensive Treatment Lotion and Emulsion

Over the last half-decade, Tom Ford embarked on a collaborative journey with a cadre of scientists, venturing into the realm of skincare innovation. The fruit of this labor is the burgeoning Tom Ford Research collection, featuring two remarkable offerings: the Intensive Treatment Lotion and Emulsion. These potent elixirs pledge to invigorate your skin, fostering a luminous vitality that transcends gender boundaries.

Although sold individually, these products boast highly concentrated formulas designed to synergize for maximum efficacy.

Much like the allure of Oud Woods, my attention is immediately drawn to the packaging, particularly the magnetic lids that effortlessly snap back into place. This seemingly minor detail speaks volumes about the brand's dedication to both aesthetics and functionality—a subtle touch that skincare aficionados are bound to admire. Equally captivating is the fragrance, reminiscent of Ford's renowned perfumes. With each application, it transforms the mundane into a sensory journey, infusing the daily skincare ritual with a blissful olfactory experience.

The combined use of the lotion and emulsion is fabled to deliver immediate results, a statement backed by clinical studies involving both men and women. Promising energized skin with visibly refined pores and enhanced texture, these benefits hold true in our experience.

Infused with Tom Ford's signature ingredients, both the lotion and emulsion boast potent concentrations of caffeine, renowned for its brightening properties, white porcelain cacao, safeguarding the skin against the detrimental effects of pollution-induced free radicals and a specialised green tea variant, i.e. gyokuro.

Tom Ford's Hyaluronic Energizing Mist is a versatile addition to any skincare routine, offering a trifecta of benefits that elevate your skincare and makeup routine to new heights.

Infused with caffeine hyaluronic acid, this mist isn't just a one-trick pony. Sure, you can use it to prime your skin before makeup application, ensuring a smooth and hydrated canvas for your cosmetics to adhere to. It can also be spritzed over finished makeup to set it in place, prolonging its wear and preventing any dreaded mid-day meltdowns or throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up, refreshing complexion and infusing it with a burst of hydration whenever it is needed most.

Despite its hydrating prowess, it manages to do so without leaving behind any unwanted shine, making it perfect for all skin types, even those prone to excess oiliness.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Tom Ford.


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