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The Meat & Wine Co: Expanding its South African-inspired steakhouse experience in Sydney's CBD.

In the constellation of fine dining, Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group stands as the steward of an illustrious Australian steakhouse empire. With culinary beacons illuminating Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, and even London, their latest creation maintains their unswerving devotion to delivering prime meats, a symphony of international and local wines, all infused with the subtle rhythms of African influence. This new jewel, capable of hosting 120 guests, will raise its curtains daily for both lunch and dinner, an enchanting seven-day serenade.

Troy Mattingly, the Meat & Wine Co-Brand Maestro, exudes exhilaration for their fresh outpost at 219 Castlereagh St, nestled in Sydney CBD's southern embrace. This strategic haven caters to the cosmopolitan tapestry of nearby neighborhoods and the pulsing corporate heart that bridges the city and the Inner West.

The culinary overture originates from South Africa's 'braai' traditions, where grills kindle not only fires but friendships. Hidden within the heart of their exceptional steaks is a tale of meticulous curation—each slice a sonnet of premium cuts from Australian artisans, each sear a brushstroke of mastery over roaring flames. The crescendo is reached with a 35-year-old family basting recipe, harmonizing to craft an exquisitely unique flavor.

Enter AGED, a clandestine society of in-house, dry-aged steaks. Here, a Shorthorn Rib-Eye, hailing from Victoria's Gippsland, finds itself embraced by artisan beef dripping butter, infused with ephemeral ingredients, and aged for six weeks. The overture of flavor dances with a black Australian truffle, a sensory pas de deux that conjures "melt in the mouth" rhapsodies.

As the curtain rises on the menu, South African tales unfurl: Boerewors sausages with coriander & cumin, King Prawns adorned with Mozambique peri-peri sauce, and the iconic Biltong—a symphony of air-dried beef. Sides, often afterthoughts, earn the spotlight: Truffle Mac & Cheese, Roasted Pumpkin with maple miso and African chili, and Vannella's stracciatella crowned with dukkah and house-made pumpkin chili oil.

The wine, a venerated chorus, carries the torch of South African and Australian heritage. Conductor Craig Southwell curates an ensemble of flavors from the globe, harmonizing with local wineries and symphonizing with renowned labels like Brokenwood, Yalumba, Cloudy Bay, Vasse Felix, and Jim Barry. The wine list crescendos with a Cellar Release, a hallowed collection that includes the likes of Penfolds' Grange, Henschke's Hill of Grace, Torbreck's Run Rig Shiraz Viognier, Jim Barry's The Armagh Shiraz, and Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon.

Each Meat & Wine Co. setting is a canvas where Africa's essence and modern design interlace. At Castlereagh, the gold rush era of Australia meets the opulent pulse of Africa, a chiaroscuro of prosperity. The bar, awash in the hues of marble, gold, velvet, and leather, weaves a tapestry of cultural opulence, a dance of sophistication.

Design Partnership Australia, the architect of dreams, forges sculptures with gold accents, a homage to the Golden Rhinoceros of Mapungubwe. The fusion of strength and opulence becomes a tangible emblem, enriching the restaurant's aura.

As the curtain falls, The Meat & Wine Co.'s overture on Castlereagh St. promises to compose a new melody in Sydney CBD's dining symphony, harmonizing the familiar and the curious into a culinary family of epicurean journeys.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Seagrass Group.


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