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The Golden Fleece: Remnant Whisky Co. Unveils a Tasmanian Treasure

Remnant Whisky Co, the audacious independent custodians of Tasmanian whisky nestled in the serene Central Highlands of Tasmania, proudly presents their latest masterpiece, The Golden Fleece.

Remnant Whisky Co's story is one of resilience and innovation, a tale that transcends the ordinary. It begins with the acquisition of over 300 barrels of Tasmanian single malt whisky, salvaged from the infamous Nant barrel investment scheme. Founded by Belgrove's visionary Peter Bignell, his son Dane, and their close confidante Phil Collidge, they breathed new life into these barrels, transporting them to Bignell's personal bondstores in the heart of Tasmania's central highlands. Here, this single malt whisky has aged gracefully, maturing into some of the oldest and most exceptional whisky Tasmania has ever seen. Remnant Whisky Co's team meticulously curates and bottles these barrels, revealing the astonishing flavors of a whisky that nearly vanished into obscurity.

The Golden Fleece, a Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky, is the result of a harmonious marriage of 14 casks, including ex-American Oak Bourbon and ex-Australian Sherry (Apera) casks. The youngest component casks, aged for a minimum of 10 years, contribute to a rich tapestry of flavor. Bottled at a respectable 45% ABV and elegantly presented in a 500ml bottle, this exceptional creation is priced at a modest $99.

Dive into the sensory journey of The Golden Fleece, where aromas of spiced Christmas pudding, butterscotch, and fresh berries greet you. A luscious, creamy palate unfolds, offering the delights of burnt figs, overripe nectarines, and peaches, leading to a gratifying finish of caramelized apples, anise, and fortified fruits.

Phil Collidge, the Creative Director of Remnant Whisky Co., shares his vision for this release, "Our mission at Remnant Whisky Co. has always been to share exceptional quality and value with whisky enthusiasts. While Tasmanian single malt whisky enjoys a global reputation, we believe in changing the conversation around accessibility. The Golden Fleece represents our commitment to providing the best value, high-quality whisky that money can buy, especially in today's economic climate."

Master Distiller Peter Bignell adds, "Every Remnant release undergoes rigorous cask selection and vatting processes to ensure an exceptional drinking experience. Whisky has its own honest voice, and we let it speak, determining the ideal ABV strength for each release. The Golden Fleece is a remarkable exemplar of Tasmanian whisky."

For Peter and Phil, Remnant Whisky Co. is about more than whisky; it's about rekindling trust in the Tasmanian whisky industry. Despite its turbulent origins, this whisky has emerged as a symbol of resilience, celebrating the indomitable spirit of everyday Australians who invested both money and heart into a venture that went awry. Remnant Whisky Co. has risen from adversity to become a cherished custodian of Tasmanian whisky heritage.

Every step of Remnant's production process is a labor of love, from tasting and selecting each cask for quality to the meticulous vatting and marriage of barrels. Each bottle is lovingly hand-labeled and wax-sealed, showcasing iconic Australian animals that call Tasmania's Central Highlands home, including Tasmanian Devils, Tawny Frogmouths, Platypus, and the steadfast Merino sheep featured on The Golden Fleece release.

Oliver Maruda, Co-Founder of The Whisky List, the distributor for Remnant on Australia's mainland, raves about the new whisky, "We adore this whisky. Not only does it tantalize the taste buds, but it also contributes to the growing category of Australian distilleries offering sub-$100 gems. The Golden Fleece is the quintessential Tasmanian whisky that we hope graces every home bar, pub, and local watering hole. It's a superb Christmas gift too!"

Luke McCarthy, from OzWhiskyReviews, declares, "Whether you're a devoted Tasmanian whisky aficionado or simply seeking a taste of complexity and affordability (a rare blend in Tasmanian whisky), The Golden Fleece offers exceptional value. It's undoubtedly one of the best bang-for-your-buck Tasmanian whiskies in recent memory."

Tim Duckett from Heartwood shares his excitement, calling it a "balltearer" and noting, "There are $250 dollar whiskies around that are not as good."

Australian consumers eagerly await the release of the acclaimed Remnant The Golden Fleece Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky, available for a modest $99 at select independent retailers and bars across Australia, as well as through The Whisky List's online platform.

Remnant Whisky Co. is proudly distributed by The Whisky List, along with a growing portfolio of premium whisky brands, including Hobart Whisky, Amber Lane, M&H Distillery, Bunnahabhain, Deanston, Tobermory, and Ledaig. TWL also imports Scotch independent bottlers Decadent Drinks, WhiskySponge, and Highlander Inn.

For further details about Remnant and its range of Single Malt Tasmanian Whiskies, please visit


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of The Whisky List.


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