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Swan Song of Innovation: MONA FOMA Bids Farewell After 16 Iconic Years.

As the final act unfolds and the curtains gently close on MONA FOMA's illustrious journey, founder David Walsh pauses to reflect on the profound legacy of a festival that has transformed Tasmania's cultural landscape over 16 dynamic years.

From its inception in 2008, MONA FOMA has stood as a beacon of boundary-pushing creativity, celebrating the fusion of music and art in ways that captivated audiences and challenged conventions. Since our inaugural visit to MONA in 2011, it has become a cherished annual gem on our cultural itinerary, shining brightly each year.

Throughout its vibrant history, MONA FOMA has provided a stage for groundbreaking artists like Peaches and Guy Ben-Ary, whose innovative performances have left indelible marks on the festival's legacy. However, as the recent February/March edition drew to a close, a sense of poignancy permeated the air, signaling the end of an era for this iconic event.

David Walsh candidly acknowledges that declining attendance and the ever-growing demands of MONA, his esteemed Museum of Old and New Art, played pivotal roles in the decision to bid farewell to MONA FOMA. Yet, beneath these pragmatic factors lies a deeper yearning for permanence and a desire to leave behind a symbolic imprint that transcends fleeting moments.

Walsh's sentiments echo a universal truth about the transient nature of artistic ventures—a delicate dance between creation and evolution, with each cycle bringing forth new beginnings and farewells.

The decision to conclude MONA FOMA speaks to the ebb and flow of creativity, where endings pave the way for fresh explorations and creative endeavors.

As tributes and memories flood social media platforms, the spirit of MONA FOMA lives on in the hearts of those touched by its audacious performances and immersive experiences. Its legacy, intricately woven into Tasmania's cultural fabric, continues to inspire a spirit of innovation, experimentation, and fearless artistic expression.

While MONA FOMA may have taken its final bow, its impact reverberates through Tasmania's creative landscape, leaving behind a legacy characterized by bravery, kindness, health, and happiness—the enduring values that define transformative artistic experiences.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Museum of Old and New Art.


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