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Specsavers Unveils a Kaleidoscope of Style: Embrace the Vibrance of Spring/Summer '23 Eyewear Collection.

As the sun embarks on its journey to warm our days, Specsavers emerges as the harbinger of chic with a dazzling eyewear range for Spring/Summer '23. This collection beckons glasses wearers into a realm where shapes are bold, and colors are daring, presenting statement-making frames meticulously tailored to suit every conceivable style.

Specsavers presents an opulent array of sunglasses, ensuring that the eyewear aficionado is spoiled for choice in the upcoming Summer season. The curated lineup boasts trend-focused frames from the likes of revered designers such as Mimco, Deus, Marc Jacobs, and Alex Perry. The promise is clear – a diverse array of styles to satiate the desires of every discerning taste.

With inspiration drawn from vibrant color palettes, futuristic designs, and modern twists on classics, this year's collection is a rebellion against the mundane. Specsavers infuses a playful spirit into each frame, where bright and bold pops of color become the pièce de résistance, complementing any ensemble with flair.

The Spring/Summer '23 range embraces a fusion of bulky acetates, playful colors, and androgynous designs. It marries the latest trends with timeless silhouettes, breathing new life into iconic styles. Classic cat-eye sunglasses and oval shapes receive a contemporary makeover, emerging in refreshing tonal color palettes that promise to redefine eyewear fashion.

The inclusion of Mimco alongside esteemed designers like Country Road, Collette Dinnigan, and Alex Perry ensures that the collection caters to an eclectic mix of tastes and preferences, making it a truly inclusive eyewear experience.

For those embracing the Modern Y2K trend, Specsavers presents a distinctive selection of sunglasses that pays homage to the wraparound styles, sporty silhouettes, and futuristic designs of the late '90s. Moody transparent colors and unique geometric shapes define this collection, providing a contemporary twist on the Y2K aesthetic.

Icons Only, another captivating trend within the collection, celebrates the meeting of classic eyewear with avant-garde styling. Oversized aviators, colorful cat-eyes, and exaggerated oval sunglasses draw inspiration from cultural icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Elton John, Harry Styles, and Kurt Cobain, creating bold and statement-making looks.

For those seeking timeless elegance, The Classics collection enhances essential frames with easy-to-wear pops of color. Wayfarers and classic round styles receive a contemporary touch, ensuring these frames remain a staple for seasons to come. Priced from $149 for two pairs of single-vision glasses, the collection offers an affordable yet stylish solution for eyewear enthusiasts.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Specsavers.


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