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See the World Through Vivienne Westwood's Orb: A Spectacle Spectacular for Men.

Forget the fedora, ditch the pocket square – the new frontier of gentlemanly rebellion lies behind a pair of Vivienne Westwood spectacles. Specsavers, in a move that would make Marlon Brando raise an eyebrow (or perhaps a tortoiseshell temple tip), is launching a men's eyewear collection by the punk fashion pioneer herself.

These aren't your grandfather's reading glasses. This is a chance to rewrite the script on eyewear, to trade bland bifocals for frames that channel the swagger of silver screen icons and the audacious spirit of punk.

A Rebellion in Every Frame

Westwood, the queen of tearing down fashion's stuffy walls, brings her signature blend of vintage vibes and modern rebellion to this collection. Imagine channeling the brooding cool of James Dean through a pair of meticulously crafted specs, or the effortless charm of Steve McQueen with a hint of tartan peeking through the sides.

Specsavers x Westwood

This exclusive collection features 13 frames, each a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

Think retro shapes with a modern kick, bold designs that turn heads, and signature Westwood touches like brushed metal accents, the iconic orb emblem, and yes, even a dash of tartan for the the understated rebellious gentleman.

It's a subtle way to express your individuality, a rebellion whispered through the craftsmanship of your frames.

From Retro Chic to Modern Luxe

Whether you crave the sharp lines of the Vivienne Westwood 17 with its tortoiseshell flair, or the futuristic edge of the Vivienne Westwood 18 with its engraved orbs, there's a frame to match your unique story. For the man of mystery, the Vivienne Westwood 20 offers a sleek, aviator-inspired look.

Prefer a timeless touch?

The Vivienne Westwood 22 and 25 reimagine the classic clubmaster style with a touch of Westwood magic – think black acetate frames with a hint of tartan peeking through.

Luxury Without Breaking the Bank

Specsavers believes that looking good shouldn't come at a king's ransom. This Vivienne Westwood collection starts at just $349 for two pairs, making designer luxury accessible to the everyday gentleman. Finally, you can add a touch of punk-inspired panache to your everyday look without emptying your wallet.

So, ditch the tired routine, gentlemen - time to rewrite your visual narrative and see the world through a lens of audacious style.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Specsavers.


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