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SAVU Glass: A Symphony for the Senses in Whisky Tasting.

In the world of whisky aficionados, the understanding that not all glasses are born equal is paramount as is the realization that the vessel that cradles your favourite dram is as pivotal as the spirit itself. The size and shape play a vital role, influencing the subtleties of each sip.

The Finnish luxury brand SAVU comprehends this connoisseurship, presenting an exclusive, handcrafted design that transcends mere aesthetics. Essentially, what SAVU has created is more than a drinking vessel; it stands as a scientific marvel, validated to elevate the whisky-tasting experience, turning the tasting ritual into a sensory symphony. Meticulously crafted with precision and a dash of scientific ingenuity, SAVU provides a portal to the intricate aromas and flavours concealed within the amber elixir.

SAVU's unique design is not solely about functionality; it is a fusion of both sensuous and emotional allure, transforming the act of nosing whisky into an art form. Going beyond the ordinary, the brand taps into the aspirations of those in pursuit of a richer life—one aromatic sip at a time.

Why opt for SAVU?

Because it is not merely a luxury good at the nexus of authenticity and elevated craftmanship but delivers on its central design promise and the fundamental purpose of a tasting glass—eradicating the nose-numbing impact of alcohol fumes, simplifying aroma appreciation.

The inventor of SAVU, fuelled by a passion for aromas cultivated through a full career in aroma research, embarked on a quest to unearth the hidden treasure beneath alcohol fumes.

The outcome?

A glass that eradicates ethanol burn, offering unrestricted access to the full spectrum of whisky aromas for an unparalleled whisky experience.

The Ballet of Two Design Features

The upper realm of the Savu tasting glass is adorned with small ledges, meticulously positioned and crafted as volumetric planes. These ledges perform a delicate ballet, mirroring the distillation process itself and allowing the whisky's aromatic notes to dance and pirouette into your consciousness.

Their purpose?

To orchestrate the perfect alcohol evaporation from a minuscule amount of whisky. Imagine these ledges as the conductors of a symphony, allowing just the right notes of aroma to reach your senses.

The novel hourglass shape, with its gracefully curving neck, serves as the guardian of your olfactory experience. It acts as a maestro, curbing the evaporation and preventing the escape of the whisky's essence into your nose from the lower part of the glass. A

As an optional encore, a small piece of ice can be employed for a perfect seal, ensuring that every note of aroma is savoured in its entirety.

The inaugural prototype, born from collaboration with master glassblower Kari Alakoski, marked the commencement of a ground-breaking innovation. The SAVU glass, now at version 6.0, stands as a testament to perseverance, scientific rigor, and aesthetic finesse.

SAVU doesn't just halt at functionality; it's a mission to share the joy of whisky aromas globally. No more lost-in-translation descriptions—SAVU ensures that every individual, expert or novice, can relish whisky in its complete grandeur. It's a next-generation innovation, a fusion of art and science, promising immeasurable pleasure with every dram.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesty of SAVU.


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