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Savoring the Essence of Japan's Canned Coffee Phenomen with BOSS' Coffee Rainbow Mountain Blend.

Step into the bustling streets of Japan, and you'll quickly notice a peculiar trend – coffee vending machines adorning practically every street corner. In the heart of this caffeinated culture stands the iconic BOSS coffee series by the renowned Japanese brewer and distiller, Suntory.

Having made its debut in 1992, the BOSS coffee series has etched its mark on the coffee landscape, evolving into the epitome of "Japanese canned coffee" over the past three decades. One of the factors contributing to its widespread recognition beyond Japan is the charismatic presence of Hollywood star Tommy Lee Jones in the brand's commercials.

The origins of canned coffee in Japan trace back to the 1950s, coinciding with the rise of convenience stores and vending machines. Unlike many other places, Japan's vending machines are not confined to specific locations; instead, they dot the sidewalks across cities, making it possible to stumble upon a refreshing can of coffee literally in the middle of the street.

Among BOSS's diverse offerings, the Rainbow Mountain Blend stands out as an authentic Japanese Flash Brew coffee. This unique blend, crafted from seven different beans, strikes a perfect balance with a hint of milk and a touch of sweetness.

The Rainbow Mountain Blend has become a cultural icon in Japan, celebrated for its smooth flavor and distinctive, colorful packaging. The coffee beans hail from seven different regions in Guatemala, each representing a color of the rainbow. Cultivated in diverse climates, these beans yield a rich tapestry of flavors. Once harvested, Japanese coffee experts skillfully blend, roast, and brew them using BOSS's signature flash-brew method.

The Rainbow Mountain Blend not only tantalizes the taste buds but also offers a visual and cultural experience, embodying the spirit of Japan's love affair with canned coffee.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Suntory.


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