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Saint Charles: A Journey from Pharmacy Heritage to Luxurious Lifestyle Brand.

In the heart of Vienna, nestled between the bustling Naschmarkt and the iconic Mariahilferstraße, lies a historical gem – the Saint Charles pharmacy. Founded in 1886 by pharmacist Alfred Blumenthal, this establishment is not merely a relic of bygone eras; it stands as a poignant symbol, bridging the gap between centuries-old traditions and the contemporary way of life.

Fast forward to 2006, and the torchbearer of this rich legacy, pharmacist Mag. Pharm. Alexander Ehrmann, breathed new life into the historical pharmacy, transforming it into the innovative brand known as Saint Charles. This marked the inception of a pioneering vision, redefining the traditional role of a pharmacy.

Embracing a holistic approach to health, Saint Charles expanded its offerings beyond pharmaceuticals. The addition of the natural cosmetics shop, Cosmothecary, alongside a spa, bio-inn, and a health center in Vienna, was a testament to their commitment to overall well-being. Pharmacist Mag. Sabine Zeeck further propagated this ethos by establishing the Saint Charles pharmacy in Berlin.

Grounded in the principles of Traditional European Medicine, Saint Charles places a strong emphasis on harnessing the healing power of nature and the local herbal world. The company, now a beacon in natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine, boasts a diverse range of approximately 400 products, all born out of a fervent passion to reinterpret ancient wisdom.

Leadership Perspectives: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Mag. Pharm. Alexander Ehrmann, the sixth-generation pharmacist, reflects on the treasure trove of inherited knowledge: "As a child, it was my passion to make traditional recipes with my father. We sit on a treasure trove of inherited knowledge from naturopathy in Europe; we just have to use it and combine it with modern insights."

Richard König, Co-founder & CEO, underscores the commitment to sustainability: "For us, sustainability does not just mean avoiding or reducing, but creating a real, positive impact for the challenges of the future. For our environment, our customers, and partners, who work with us passionately on sustainable solutions."

Sustainable Elegance: The Essence of Saint Charles

A key tenet of Saint Charles is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Products are crafted from natural ingredients, preferably sourced regionally in organic quality or through wild collection. The use of high-quality brown or violet glass bottles without external packaging reflects their dedication to ethical practices.

Indulge in Love Divine: A Symphony of Sensuality

In the realm of sensory indulgence, Saint Charles presents the Love Divine collection – a harmonious quartet designed to elevate moments of self-love and shared intimacy. Each product is a unique manifestation of passion and craftsmanship, crafted to transport you to a world where every sensation is a celebration.

Love Divine Body & Massage Oil: Silky Serenity

Embark on a journey of sensorial bliss with Love Divine Body & Massage Oil. This exclusive concoction blends essential oils, including the delicate notes of rose and ylang-ylang, harmoniously married with the richness of jojoba and argan oil. The result is a luxurious elixir promising not just skin deep nourishment but an immersive experience that leaves your skin silky, radiant, and thoroughly pampered.

Love Divine Love Boat: A Romantic Soak

The Love Divine Love Boat invites you to surrender to the allure of a sensual rose petal bath. Here, the skin is nurtured by the gentle touch of whey, creating an oasis of relaxation and passion. As you immerse yourself in the delicate waves, let the fragrance of rose petals weave an enchanting atmosphere, transforming your bath into a romantic voyage where boundaries between reality and fantasy gently dissolve.

Love Divine Pillow Spray: A Fragrant Odyssey

Embark on an olfactory journey with Love Divine Pillow Spray – a symphony of scents inspired by love across different cultures. The unique blend of rose, ylang-ylang, cardamom, cocoa, and pepper creates a natural fragrance that transcends boundaries. Let this enchanting mist transform your surroundings, turning each moment into a celebration of diverse, cosmopolitan love.

Love Divine Spirit: Elixir for Two

The curtain rises on a romantic evening with Love Divine Spirit – a modern rendition of a classic Mediterranean liqueur. Crafted from the essence of hibiscus and orange blossom, this cocktail base for two is a dance of flavors that caresses the senses and warms the heart. As you clink glasses, the Love Divine Spirit becomes a potion that sets the stage for an enchanting journey into the mysterious paths of love.

In the artistry of Love Divine, Saint Charles invites you to embrace the fullness of your senses, whether through the velvety touch of the Body & Massage Oil, the romantic immersion in the Love Boat, the fragrant dreams induced by the Pillow Spray, or the shared delight of the Love Divine Spirit. Each product is a testament to Saint Charles's commitment to redefining luxury through the celebration of love in all its diverse and captivating forms.

With Love Divine, every moment becomes a declaration of love, echoing the brand's ethos of reimagining tradition for a modern, holistic lifestyle.

As you raise a glass of Love Divine Cocktail Spirit, let it be a toast to the unknown, the love that fills us, and the mysterious paths that lie ahead – a fitting celebration of Saint Charles's journey from pharmacy heritage to a flourishing lifestyle brand.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Saint Charles.


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