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Roark: Cracking the Code of the Elusive Adventurer Brand.


The name whispered in the corridors of the style-savvy explorer elite. It's a brand wrapped in as much mystery as a secret society, catering to those who swap boardrooms for jungles and briefcases for backpacks.

We've been die-hard fans since their gear graced our shelves. But who is this Roark, and what fuels this brand that's as adventurous as its clientele?

Most clothing companies are like beige walls - safe, predictable, and utterly forgettable. You walk past them every day, barely registering their existence. They blend in so seamlessly you wouldn't even notice if they weren't there.

But Roark? They're the Jackson Pollocks of the apparel world, splattering the canvas of fashion with vibrant colors and unconventional designs. They're a burst of creativity in a world of beige.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for adventure, Roark isn't just peddling clothes; they're offering a lifestyle. Imagine "Hemingway meets high fashion" with a splash of "survive-by-your-wits-in-the-wild."

Their collections draw from the real-life escapades of their crew—a motley bunch of artists, surfers, and filmmakers who redefine "dysfunctional" with a healthy dose of fun.

Ah, Roark. The brand name whispered in hushed tones around campfires and dimly-lit, leather-bound-book-filled studies. A name that sparks the imagination like a cryptic treasure map. But who, or what, is this Roark? Our curiosity was burning brighter than a magnesium fire starter, so we embarked on a quest to learn more about the brand hatched from the mind of Ryan Hitzel, the man behind the mystique.

Turns out, Roark isn't some mythical creature with a penchant for bespoke suits and surviving on nothing but wit and wild berries. Instead, it's a glorious tapestry woven from the threads of countless adventurers Ryan encountered on his whirlwind tours of the globe. Imagine Indiana Jones crossed with a fashion icon, and you're starting to get the picture.

Picture this: A guy who vanishes into Mexico's wilderness for months, reemerges with a tan and a tale, then pops up in Paris sipping wine with a diplomat. That's Roark—a life less ordinary, captured in stylish threads.

So, what makes their clothes "adventure-ready"? Unlike your average flimsy fast-fashion fare, Roark's gear is built to endure. Imagine scaling a mountain in the morning and hitting a swanky bar by night—Roark's apparel manages to transition seamlessly from trail to cocktails.

The best part? Their diverse team of ambassadors put the clothes through the wringer, ensuring equal parts functionality and style. Think of them as human guinea pigs for good taste (with way cooler job titles).

Roark x Black Sabbath: A Headbanging Collaboration That's Not for the Faint of Fashion

Forget lukewarm lattes and yoga for the soul. Roark's uniquely curated Black Sabbath collection isn't about finding your inner zen. It's about unleashing your inner headbanger with a killer collaboration that blasts through the fashion world like a runaway Iron Man riff.

We all know the feeling. You're scrolling through clothes online, and everything looks, well, beige. Blander than yesterday's oatmeal. Then, BAM! A bolt of rock and roll lightning strikes – the Roark x Black Sabbath collection. It's a fashion mosh pit you won't want to escape.

Black Sabbath. The name itself conjures images of crushing riffs, epic guitar solos, and Ozzy Osbourne's vocals soaring higher than a bat on a sugar rush. And that's exactly the energy Roark has bottled up in this collection.

These aren't your run-of-the-mill, logo-slapped t-shirts. No, sir. This is a symphony of style inspired by the legendary metalheads. Think lightweight running shorts that let you move like a cheetah possessed by the spirit of Tony Iommi. Or zip-up hoodies so comfy, you'll feel like curling up with a copy of "Paranoid" and a vat of nachos – which, by the way, sounds like a pretty epic Saturday night.

But Roark isn't just about looking good, it's about feeling good on the move. So, whether you're scaling a mountain or just conquering your daily to-do list, these clothes will keep you comfortable and ready to crank the volume up to eleven.

Basquiat Bops Back with Roark: A Collaboration Wilder Than a Brooklyn Block Party

Move over, MoMA, there's a new exhibit in town. Roarkhas unearthed a doozy this time: a collaboration with the legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat. The result? A clothing line that's more lit than a Times Square New Year's Eve – and about as likely to follow the rules.

This collection is a technicolor explosion, a mosh pit of pattern and colour that Basquiat himself would have moshed to. Imagine throwing on a shirt that feels like you're wearing a Basquiat painting come alive. It's wearable art, baby, with each piece a symphony of movement, sound, and rebellion.

Roark's never been one for the fashion faint of heart. They're all about adventures, both internal and external. And this Basquiat collection is an adventure in itself. Each garment's a story waiting to be told, a glimpse into the mind of a genius who found beauty in the unexpected.

So, what can you expect? Think graffiti splashed across tees, unexpected color combinations that'd make a rainbow jealous, and patterns that would give a kaleidoscope a headache. It's clothes for those who march to the beat of their own drum, who see the world through a kaleidoscope lens. Whether you're conquering concrete jungles or actual ones, this collection is your armor against blandness.

But it's not just about the wild looks. Roark appears to understand the soul of Basquiat – the constant flow of creativity that defied definition. Each piece whispers the spirit of the Radiant Child, a reminder that beauty can bloom from chaos, and silence can be as powerful as a scream. The collection is more than a fashion line, it's a philosophy. It's a middle finger to the mundane, a celebration of the unconventional, and a call to let your creative freak flag fly.

And of course, Roark hasn't skimped on functionality. These clothes are built to last, ready to be your partner in crime on any adventure, from gallery hopping to gorilla trekking.

So there you have it, the mystery of Roark unraveled—or at least as much as they'd let us. Roark isn't just a brand; it's an expedition, a state of mind, a wild journey that transcends the ordinary. It's for those who crave the uncharted, who thrive in chaos and find beauty in the unexpected. With collaborations like Basquiat and Black Sabbath, they're not just pushing the envelope—they're sending it on a world tour.

Ready to swap your beige for bold? To trade your desk for a daring escapade? Then suit up in Roark and join the ranks of the daring, the unconventional, the truly adventurous. Because in the end, life’s too short for anything less. And remember, when someone whispers Roark in a hushed tone, it's not just a name—it’s an invitation to the adventure of a lifetime.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Roark.


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