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Xtra Clubs: Revolutionizing Wellness in Australia.

For centuries, saunas have been an integral part of Finnish culture, offering more than just physical relaxation. These heated sanctuaries are deeply woven into the fabric of Finnish tradition, akin to an average Finn's version of going to church.

On terra australis, however, finding a quality sauna has often been a challenge. The land down under, known for its sun-drenched beaches and rugged outback, has not historically embraced the culture of saunas with the same fervour as its Northern Hemisphere counterparts. While the Finnish consider the sauna a sacred tradition, Australians have struggled with subpar facilities that fail to capture the true essence of this ancient wellness practice.

Imagine searching for a sanctuary of heat and relaxation, only to be met with disappointing options that lack the authenticity and quality of a true sauna experience. Many Australians have found themselves contending with makeshift saunas that are little more than glorified steam rooms, lacking the meticulous craftsmanship and robust construction that define a proper Finnish sauna. These so-called saunas often fall short in delivering the profound health benefits associated with regular sauna use.

Moreover, the scarcity of dedicated sauna facilities means that many have had to rely on generic gym setups where the sauna is an afterthought rather than a focal point. These environments often lack the serene, meditative atmosphere that is essential to the sauna experience. Instead of the deep, enveloping heat that soothes muscles and purifies the body, users are greeted with tepid temperatures and overcrowded spaces, diminishing the overall experience.

Then there is the issue of accessibility. The few high-quality saunas that do exist often come with exorbitant membership fees, placing them out of reach for the average Australian. This exclusivity has created a wellness gap, where only a select few can afford to indulge in the holistic benefits of sauna therapy.

But the winds of change are blowing.

Enter Xtra Clubs, the visionary new player set to transform the sauna landscape in Australia.

Founded by a passionate group of Sydney locals, Xtra Clubs aims to bring the authentic sauna experience to the masses. No longer will Sydneysiders have to settle for mediocre facilities or pay a premium for the privilege of good health. Xtra Clubs is on a mission to democratize wellness, making sauna, ice, and steam therapies accessible to everyone.

Xtra Clubs' flagship location in Bondi Junction features not merely the largest Finnish sauna in the Southern Hemisphere spanning 40 square metres, meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled heat therapy experience featuring automatic water spray and advanced air circulation for optimal heat and humidity, but is flanked by five premium ice baths with adjustable temperatures each tailored for individual use with temperature settings ranging from 4°C to 10°C, allowing personalized contrast therapy progression and optimal comfort.

A 30-square-metre steam room designed with Turkish hamam principles offers ample to relax and revitalise mind and body, deeply rooted in a tradition of holistic cleansing.

Three intimate infrared saunas, each comfortably accommodating 3-4 people, offer an ideal setting for extended sessions with close friends. Here, you can enjoy engaging conversations while basking in the skin-healing benefits of infrared light therapy.

Private, spacious shower and changing areas complete the experience, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation after your session.

Summa summarum: This is not just a place to sweat; it's a sanctuary where the community can come together, unwind, and rejuvenate.

What we love about Xtra Clubs is how traditional sauna practices are combined with leveraging modern technology.

Entry to Xtra Clubs locations is seamlessly digital, eliminating the need for cumbersome physical membership cards. Members simply swipe their phones to access facilities, towel services, and even the fridge, making the entire experience effortlessly convenient.

Xtra Clubs' app embodies this philosophy of user-friendliness, making every interaction seamless and intuitive. From the moment you open the app, it feels like second nature, guiding you effortlessly through its features and functionalities.

This is no accident; it is in line with Xtra Clubs' ethos, i.e. a result of thoughtful design and a deep understanding of what users need and want, thereby creating a cohesive and enjoyable journey via its holistic approach ensuring that users can focus on what truly matters – their wellness journey.

With Xtra Clubs' unwavering dedication to continual enhancement, it's only a matter of time before the app evolves even further to incorporate advanced features that meticulously track your sessions, delivering data-driven insights to fine-tune your wellness routine for optimal results along with insights from wellness experts in kinesiology, breathwork, and hot/cold therapy, helping members optimize their routines.

Experiencing Xtra Clubs firsthand has been a revelation.

Their high-end luxury wellness offerings, priced at just $27.95 for a weekly starter membership, bring the benefits of sauna, ice, and steam to a wider audience. The impeccably clean and expertly designed facilities uphold the highest standards of quality, a fact that resonates with the vibrant community of enthusiastic members.

The excitement and support are palpable, creating a genuine buzz that underscores the exceptional value Xtra Clubs delivers.

As Xtra Clubs continues its expansion, its mission remains unwavering: to democratize wellness and make the rejuvenating benefits of sauna, ice, and steam therapies accessible to everyone. With plans to open new locations, Xtra Clubs is poised to revolutionize the wellness landscape in Sydney, ensuring that the path to better health is open to all.


Words by AW.

Photos courtest of Xtra Clubs and AW.


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