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Quiet Olfactory Sophistication: Burberry's Hero Fragrance.

While many brands in the realm of designer fragrances vie for attention through flashy campaigns, Burberry takes a different approach, crafting fragrances that speak volumes with quiet sophistication. This ethos is beautifully embodied in their latest sensation, Hero, and its its bold portrayal of Adam Driver transforming into a centaur campaign, which is just the latest chapter in Burberry's storied legacy of fragrant successes. However, long before this captivating imagery took the digital world by storm, perfumer Aurélien Guichard was weaving the essence of Hero into a fragrance that redefines modern masculinity.

If we had to pin down the common denominator that distinguishes Burberry fragrances it would be their remarkable wearability. Even their boldest creations possess a subtle allure that invites daily use and an inherent ability to cater to diverse tastes. Whether one seeks the crisp, woody allure of Hero, the alluring depth of Hero Parfum, the nostalgic warmth of London for Men, the serene elegance of Touch for Men, or the youthful charm of Brit for Him, Burberry offers a fragrance for every season, mood, and occasion.

In a market where fragrances often push the boundaries of eccentricity, Burberry remains steadfast in creating colognes that are not just wearable but irresistible.

The DNA of Burberry's fragrance collection is centred around its exploration of wood notes, particularly cedar, infusing each scent with a masculine depth that resonates with timeless appeal.

The Essence of Hero

Guichard's creative journey appears to have started with a clear directive from Tisci—a fragrance that embodies strength, sensibility, and a connection with nature.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Burberry trench coat and Tisci's visionary designs, Guichard crafted Hero as a woody fresh scent, intertwining cedarwood, bergamot, and black pepper juniper in a harmonious blend.

The Cedarwood Symphony

Central to Hero's allure is its unique blend of cedarwoods from different corners of the globe—Atlas, Virginia, and the Himalayas. Guichard's meticulous approach and calibration of subtle nuances to perfect the balance, strikes a fine balance and captures the essence of strength and freedom synonymous with cedarwood.

Each cedarwood contributes distinct qualities; Virginia offers a vibrant woody essence, Atlas adds softness and comfort, while Himalayan cedarwood infuses enigmatic intensity and complexity. The result is a seamless fusion that mirrors the equivalent of the texture of a Burberry trench coat—an illusion of a singular cedarwood note that embodies sensitivity and strength in equal measure.

The Mediterranean Touch

Bergamot from Italy adds a Mediterranean flair to Hero, elevating the composition with a refreshing and aromatic quality. Guichard's choice of bergamot introduces a simple yet profound element, akin to the texture and vibrancy of the Mediterranean landscape.

A Perfumer's Journey

Guichard's heritage and connection to raw materials, including his own fields of roses and jasmine, imbue Hero with a sense of authenticity and passion. His upbringing surrounded by nature's bounty and artistic influences seems to have shaped his approach to creating fragrances that resonate on a deeply personal level.

The hallmark of Burberry colognes is their universal appeal backed by an understated charm and undeniable allure, making them a go-to choice for various settings, from the office to a night out, or simply for everyday wear.

With Hero, Guichard invites individuals to embark on a sensory journey—a bridge between universality and uniqueness inviting you to explore the essence of what could be considered as a modern take on masculiniy, i.e. a fusion of strength, sensitivity, informed by the untamed beauty of nature, encapsulated in a bottle that dares to redefine traditional notions of fragrance and identity.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Burberry.


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