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Puma 2023 Running Range - redefining what it means to be "Forever Faster."

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Puma's running gear isn't just another name in the fiercely competitive world of sports attire and footwear. As we are currently preparing for our first full marathon, which is a demanding athletic endeavour at the best of times, having the right gear can significantly impact your performance and overall comfort during the race. This is where Puma’s current range of offerings shines as it epitomizes a dedication to performance, innovation, and impeccable style.

Let’s delve into the key facets that elevate Puma running gear into a league of its own with an esteemed reputation among athletes and aficionados alike.

Materials that Redefine Possibilities

Especially over the last three decades, Puma has proven to be a tireless pioneer, ceaselessly investing in research and development to craft avant-garde materials for its running gear. From cutting-edge moisture-wicking fabrics to featherlight, breathable designs and the game-changing responsiveness of IGNITE foam, innovation is woven into every thread.

Luxury of Comfort and Precision Fit

The cornerstone of Puma's ethos lies in providing runners with an unparalleled sense of comfort and gear that fits like a second skin. Whether it's shoes, performance apparel, or accessories, Puma's creations are meticulously designed to amplify comfort during those arduous, never-ending runs, minimising chaffing and burning.

A Symphony of Performance-Oriented Artistry

Collaborating with athletes and sports scientists, Puma engineers products that redefine performance. Think responsive midsoles that put a spring in your step, traction-enhancing outsoles that grip with purpose, and strategic ventilation that keeps you cool when the heat is on.

Case in point: Puma's Deviate NITRO Elite 2.

Having tested and tried a myriad of running shoes over the last decade, this little number is a versatile, durable veritable super shoe suitable for various running roles, from intervals to marathons.

Designed for frequent runners, it may not offer top-tier speed assistance, yet it shines in durability and grip by incorporating a thinner rubber, an even lighter nitrogen-injected NITRO Elite foam midsole, a sleeker and stronger thermo-formed carbon fiber plate, and an airy upper that ensures maximum breathability and lockdown. Essentially, it offers a world of improvements in the versatility and propulsion departments.

The Deviate Elite 2 is ideal for both training and racing and the fact that it proves to be visually appealing does not hurt either.

Universal Appeal for All Runners

Puma running gear isn't confined to one niche; it's the chameleon of the running world. Whether you're a novice hitting the pavement, a trailblazing adventurer, or a track connoisseur sprinting toward glory, Puma boasts a treasure trove of options tailored to your unique journey.

In 2021, Puma staged a triumphant comeback, setting the running world ablaze with its revolutionary Nitro line of footwear. The brand reinvigorated its running catalogue, introducing a range of cutting-edge shoes that garnered widespread acclaim. Notably, the Deviate Elite Nitro became a cherished favourite among racers, while the Velocity Nitro earned its place as a go-to recommendation for everyday runners.

Fast forward to 2022, and Puma continues its impressive stride forward, unveiling new innovations like the ForeverRun. This latest addition aims to redefine stability in running shoes, drawing inspiration and expertise from Kaiser Sport & Ortopædi. The result is a shoe that combines various stability concepts into one unique model.

Performance-wise, the ForeverRun Nitro offers a cushioned ride with a focus on heel comfort. Its full-length Nitro foam delivers softness in the rearfoot and a firmer feel in the forefoot. The shoe's generous heel flare and medial-facing heel bevel make for slightly clumsy landings in the rearfoot, transitioning into a narrower midfoot and a firmer yet more stable forefoot. This shoe thrives during daily training runs but feels a tad less comfortable at faster paces.

In terms of stability, the ForeverRun Nitro does incorporate elements like sidewalls, external heel counters, and a metatarsal lift in the forefoot, giving it a stable-neutral character.

Puma's ForeverRun Nitro challenges conventional stability shoe design, offering a unique blend of cushioning and stability elements. It's best suited for runners seeking a cushioned neutral trainer with a stable forefoot and a preference for easy-paced, longer runs.

Style that Elevates Running Gear and a Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

Puma has positioned itself at the forefront of sustainable change, taking significant steps to minimize its environmental footprint. This pledge shines through in practices like utilizing recycled materials and embracing sustainable manufacturing processes while making a fashion statement that's as compelling as your stride.

A recent example is Puma joining forces with Ciele Athletics to redefine the limits of athletic wear. The Puma Ciele collaboration is a dynamic union, more than just a partnership; it's the thrilling fusion of two brands ignited by a shared zeal for shattering limits and embracing the relentless spirit of adventure.

Puma Ciele products are designed for those who refuse to be confined by convention, who seek the thrill of the road less travelled, and who understand that performance and aesthetics do not have to be mutually exclusive.

From sleek, high-performance running shoes that provide the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness to cutting-edge apparel that blends form and function seamlessly, the Puma Ciele collaboration has something for every runner. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner, a trailblazing adventurer, or simply someone who enjoys a jog through the neighbourhood, these products are engineered to enhance your experience.

Accessible Excellence with an All-Encompassing Arsenal

Quality need not come at a premium. Puma offers a spectrum of price points, ensuring that top-tier running and trail gear is within reach for athletes of all stripes. Puma’s arsenal covers every facet of running, from the ground beneath your feet to the gear that adorns your body. Running shoes, performance apparel, compression wear, accessories, and even cutting-edge smart wearables—Puma is your all-in-one running companion.

An example par excellence for the above-mentioned is Puma's Voyage Nitro 3, which is a versatile, high-cushion trail shoe designed for cold and wet conditions.

We love the shoe’s comfortable and secure fit, with a well-padded bootie construction that feels sock-like. In terms of style, the Eucalyptus- Alpine-Snow colour and design variant make it a stylish option for outdoor activities.

The midsole provided a smooth and cushioned ride, combining soft and bouncy Nitro foam with stable PFlite, offering protection and comfort on various terrains.

While PUMAGRIP ATR provides excellent traction on all surfaces, including wet rocks and roots. It provides a stable platform and good grip during descents, PWRADAPT offers a stable ride across all weather conditions, particularly appreciated on uneven terrain.

A solid and affordable choice for outdoor activities in the winter months, catering to various body types and foot shapes.

We look forward to road-testing Puma's current running range for our first marathon this year and will be reporting back on the gear carried us through the stress of 42.195km constant pounding on concrete.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Puma.


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