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Preventing the mourning after with alc-eze.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

After rescuing too many drinks from a purposeless existence and partaking in Bacchanalia, one is every so often confronted with what stands in a diametrically opposed contrast to the merriness and revelry of the night before.

While a way to deal with hangovers is the approach to interpret them as the deserved, devilish punishment and the dark Yang to the Yin of the drinking experience, the implications in terms of having the mental capacity of a staple gun has ruined many a productive day.

There is certainly a tad more to a hangover then dehydration as the liver injects the bloodstream with acetaldehyde, i.e. liquid hangover, as part of its alcohol processing which results in that overall feeling of malaise the day after.

While the proven best way to prevent a hangover is abstinence or moderation, there are certain herbs and vitamins that have proven to have benefits without getting in the way of the fun of indulgence.

Enter alc-eze.

Created to reduce the severity and duration of hangovers and other related symptoms, alc-eze combines a unique blend of over twenty essential vitamins, alongside naturally occurring ingredients to provide protection plus an unexpected key ingredient and secret weapon, i.e. the Nashi Pear to reduce inflammation and protect your liver.

The way it works is that alc-eze boosts the natural production of the enzyme ALDH2, which the liver uses to convert acetaldehyde to acetate, thereby accelerating the detox process.

While we do not really believe that such a thing as a “hangover cure” exists, having tried alc-eze has shown that is does significantly aid in not merely relieving the symptoms of mental haze and physical discomfort to make you feel better, faster but also harbours qualities that may boost energy, improve mental clarity, reduce the much dreaded anxiety, and, oh la la, increase libido.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Life Vitamins.


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