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Patricks: Outer beauty attracts, inner beauty captivates.

As William Shakespeare ever so poignantly quipped, there is many man that has more hair than wit, however, in the current day and age there appears to be an increasing number of ones that struggle with the former as well.

Whatever one’s philosophical take on the hair versus wite ratio might be, if the quest for the best suitable conditioner and shampoo is wrong, then we do not want to be right.

Having been inspired by the inadequacy of products on the market, Patricks first incarnated in 2013 in Sydney, Australia and has since established itself as a veritable heavyweight on the firmament of luxury hair product brands with not only a multi-functional product range, but an underlying holistic approach aimed at creating the best performing science-based formulations possible, striving to take learnings from the tried and tested to reach beyond anything that had been engineered before.

The desired characteristics of a good, basic shampoo should be fairly obvious: It should be capable of cleaning away oil and dirt, rinse out easily, and leave your hair shiny, manageable, and flexible.

However, when it comes to tackling hair loss, things get more complex as the reasons can range from genetics to stress and even overuse of hair sculpting gadgets.

It would not be Patricks if its take on an ultra-thickening shampoo and conditioner duo set did not harness cutting edge technology at both cellular and dermal levels.

Along with pioneering ingredients to create products that not merely harnesses clinically tested telogen follicles geared at activating and anagen phase extending qualities and adding density to thin hair, the formulas of the set deliver results close to twice the efficiency of benchmark references, effectively stimulating the proliferation of the stem cells that directly lead to hair growth.

Based on Patricks advancements in the realm of formulating haircare and enticed by the aesthetically pleasing design of its products, I could not resist checking out what Patricks collaborations with researchers from the realm of neuroscience and genetics would result in as far as pushing the envelope in anti-aging skincare is concerned – a space notorious for fads coming and going at a rapid-fire pace.

When it comes to effective anti-aging products and tried-and-true, dermatologist-approved ingredients, one would be hard-pressed to go past the youthful yet mattifying boost Patricks SL1 Superleggera Moisturizer imbues when it is your time to shine.

Having grown to appreciate lighter, non-greasy emulsions, Superleggera is an aptly named example par excellence for an excess sebum absorbing, skin-nourishing and hydrating moisturizer that works its magic both on the surface by counteracting damage caused by free radicals and environment aggressors as well as underneath by stimulating elastin and collagen, thereby increasing skin elasticity and correcting visible dullness, lines, and rough texture

To take what Superleggera accomplishes during the waking hours one step further, Patricks highly-concentrated, Peptide complex laden ND1 Anti-Aging Night Serum is doing the work during night time: Derived from Vitamin A, the effects of Granactive Retinoid are channelled to minimise skin irritation, while simultaneously stimulating skin cell growth and counteracting the breakdown of collagen stores.

To complement the triumvirate of products that addresses all aspects of one’s skin care routine, Patricks AM1Anti-Fatigue Moisturizer has not only become my go-to while travelling and after a big night, but in terms of aesthetics is informed by what DC Comics and Warner Bros have dreamed up with the entity that has become known as Wayne Enterprises.

With the common denominator that both Bruce Wayne and Patricks are intrinsically motivated to create products in the best way possible, this limited little number proves to be a powerful signs of tiredness reducing cream-gel with advanced mattifying technology.

Based on a complex combination of clinical technologies, vitamins, anti-oxidants, a multi-peptide complex and taurine, lines, wrinkles and outer signs of tiredness are visibly reduced. The fact that the design of the vessel it comes in is easy on the eye does not hurt either.

In a convoluted space where the choice of moisturizers that cater to both, summer scenarios when skin feels oily and pores are prone to become clogged as well as the colder months of the year when one’s skin feels parched, Patricks ( ) range of products glide effortlessly on one’s skin, absorb right away and feel like they instantaneously act in the way they were developed for.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Patricks.


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