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Pacing the Enigmatic: Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 Edition.

Launched in 2013 to widespread acclaim, the OMEGA Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon" series stands as an icon, capturing the hearts of Swiss watch enthusiasts. The collection, inspired by NASA astronaut missions, blends timeless design with innovative ceramic craftsmanship.

Evoking the spirit of space exploration, the series features cases, crowns, dials, and pushers entirely crafted from black, grey, or white ceramic. Meticulously finished, the cases combine polishing and satin brushing, often adorned with touches of 18K gold or diamonds.

Transparent sapphire crystal casebacks reveal OMEGA's Co-Axial Calibres, adding a touch of vintage Speedmaster design elements and historical significance.

Fast forward to 2024, the latest iteration, the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 Edition, introduces meaningful upgrades. METAS-certified and finely finished, the watch showcases a new movement, the Calibre 3869, boasting a laser-ablated moon relief on the main plate and bridges. The dial side mimics the view of the Moon from Earth, while the back side embodies the dark side of the Moon.

A notable addition is the patent-pending small-seconds hand shaped like the Saturn V rocket at nine o'clock. Achieved through laser turning, white varnish, ablation, and laser blackening, this 3D masterpiece adds depth and detail.

Maintaining a diameter of 44.25mm and reducing thickness from 13.8mm to 13mm, the watch's proportions remain classic. With a price increase to $14,300, attributed to the new movement and meticulous finishing, the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 Edition keeps the larger size of the family intact.

Appreciating the challenge of ceramic casing, Omega retains the larger size, making these timepieces feel truly special. The inclusion of a Saturn V rocket hand adds a whimsical touch, cementing the Dark Side of the Moon's status as a collector's dream. As the watch beats with a METAS-certified movement, Omega's commitment to innovation and timeless design continues to elevate the iconic series. The Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 Edition beckons watch enthusiasts to embark on a journey into the mysteries of the cosmos.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Omega.


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