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OZISM 2024: A Fusion of Japanese Heritage and Contemporary Couture.

The OZISM 2024 Spring-Summer Collection by nonnative x UNDERCOVER is not just another arrival; it's a homage to Japanese culture and a celebration of artistic collaboration.

The genesis of this collection lies in the meeting of minds between two iconic Japanese brands: nonnative and UNDERCOVER. Their shared vision gave birth to the concept of "OZISM," a nod to the legendary film director Yasujirō Ozu. Like a thread weaving through the fabric of time, "OZISM" encapsulates the essence of Ozu's cinematic genius and profound impact on Japanese culture.

On the dawn of March 16th, fashion enthusiasts around the globe eagerly awaited the unveiling of the first delivery of the 24 Spring/Summer collection. The digital shelves of the UNDERCOVER stores and website brimmed with anticipation as the clock struck 11 AM.

At the heart of the collection lies a reverence for Japanese aesthetics, history, and the intricate emotions woven into Ozu's films. The garments, meticulously crafted from "washi" (Japanese paper), stand as a testament to the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese craftsmanship. Each piece tells a story, a narrative that echoes the spirit of Ozu's cinematic masterpieces.

From flowing silhouettes to structured ensembles, the collection offers a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese elements and contemporary design. The inclusion of hats, reminiscent of those cherished by Ozu himself, adds a touch of nostalgia and authenticity. Accessories such as footwear and hats complement the ensembles, completing the look with finesse and flair.

One cannot overlook the striking photo T-shirts, featuring scenes immortalized in Ozu's iconic works. These wearable canvases not only pay homage to the maestro but also serve as a bridge between generations, bringing Ozu's legacy to a new audience.

Beyond the realm of fashion, the OZISM 2024 collection is a testament to the enduring influence of artistic visionaries. It transcends mere clothing; it embodies a cultural narrative, a journey through time and tradition, all encapsulated within the threads of each garment.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Undercover.


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