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Nick Cave Takes the Stage: A Solo Journey with Colin Greenwood.

In the realm of musical legends, Nick Cave stands as a captivating figure, a maestro of his craft. Now, in a highly anticipated return to his homeland, Nick Cave is set to grace Australia with a series of rare solo shows in April 2024, offering audiences an intimate and unfiltered experience of his extraordinary artistry.

These special performances, scheduled for April 25 and 26 at The Plenary in Melbourne and April 29 and 30 at the State Theatre in Sydney, promise an unparalleled evening of musical enchantment. What makes this tour even more exceptional is Cave's collaboration with Radiohead's Colin Greenwood, whose mastery of the bass guitar is sure to add an extra layer of magic to the already spellbinding performances.

Following a lauded tour of North America that left audiences and critics alike in awe, Nick Cave's return to Australia is met with great anticipation. The synergy between Cave and Greenwood during the North American tour was nothing short of a spiritual experience, as attested by LA Magazine. Forbes hailed the duo as "compelling and magnetic," while Scenestar succinctly captured the essence of the collaboration: "Nick Cave + Colin Greenwood = magic."

Cave's songs, known for their engaging and powerful narratives, will be presented in their sparsest, purest, and rawest form during these solo shows. It's an opportunity for fans to witness the essential nature of Cave's creations, laid bare and unadorned. As US Rocker aptly described it, this setting allows the songs to emanate their pure, raw power.

Tickets for this exclusive experience will be available for purchase starting December 13, 2023, at 10 am AEDT. Enthusiasts can secure their seats through

Expressing his excitement for the upcoming shows, Nick Cave shared, "I cannot wait to bring this special show to Australia next year, accompanied by the great Colin Greenwood. It is a privilege to share the songs with an audience in this way - stripped back and unadorned, revealing their essential nature."

This tour follows Nick Cave's previous Australian venture in late 2022 with Warren Ellis, where they took their 2021 album 'Carnage' on the road. The Sydney Opera House witnessed three mesmerizing performances, immortalized in the new live album, 'Australian Carnage - Live At The Sydney Opera House,' available on 8-track vinyl and an extended streaming version.

Nick Cave's influence extends far beyond the stage. While best known as the lead singer and songwriter of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, his artistic endeavors traverse various mediums. Over a career spanning more than four decades, Cave has proven himself as a solo and collaborative musician, a score composer, an author of books and film scripts, and, more recently, as a ceramic artist.

As the curtain rises on these upcoming solo shows, Nick Cave invites audiences to join him on a musical journey that transcends time and genre. Accompanied by the illustrious Colin Greenwood, this promises to be an experience etched in the memories of all fortunate enough to attend. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and be ready to secure your tickets for an evening of unbridled artistic brilliance.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Sasha Lecca.


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