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Never Never Distilling Co.: Crafting Australian Gin with Passion and Innovation.

In the heart of South Australia, the story of Never Never Distilling Co. unfolds—a tale woven by three friends united by a common zeal for flavour and a lofty dream to establish Australia's most dynamic and inventive gin brand. The narrative is a fusion of separate journeys, converging in Adelaide, and it's here that the journey of Never Never began.

Paths Crossed and Juniper Discovered: The Birth of Triple Juniper Gin

Founders George, Sean, and Tim, initially carving their paths in finance and as a Brand Ambassador for Diageo Reserve, found their convergence point in Adelaide. This union gave birth to Never Never, where innovation meets tradition. At the heart of their creations is the signature Triple Juniper Gin—an embodiment of brightness and earthiness, a gin that tells a story.

Essentially, the Triple Juniper Gin is a masterpiece created through a meticulous triple-concentrated production process. The journey starts with juniper berries steeped in Australian wheat spirit for 24 hours, establishing the classic juniper flavour. Fresh juniper is added to the still, and more is introduced to the vapor basket, capturing the essence of fresh and floral juniper. Alongside this juniper symphony, eight botanical dance partners, including coriander seed, angelica root, and Australian pepper berry, contribute to the gin's aromatic profile.

Immersive Aromas, Vibrant Tastes, and a Luxurious Finish: Triple Juniper Unveiled

Never Never’s Triple Juniper Gin expression invites your senses on a journey: Inhale the fragrance of pine needle, brushed rosemary, lemon oil, and a hint of earthy root vegetable with a touch of fragrant pepper.

As the liquid touches your lips, bright citrus takes the lead on the top of the mouth, supported by an oily and intense juniper, intertwined with earthy undertones and wooded spice.

The finish is nothing short of luxurious—long, rich, and creamy, gradually evolving into a dry sensation, leaving a lingering satisfaction.

Ginache Gin 2022: A Symphony of Grenache and Berries

The Ginache Gin 2022 takes the artistry a step further.

Recognized as Australia's Best Flavoured Gin in 2022, this premium concoction bursts with the vibrant flavours of grenache grapes grown in McLaren Vale. The journey of this gin involves a meticulous process, from the picking and crushing of grapes within hours to a month-long infusion on the skin, creating a harmonious blend of bright raspberry, candied peel, dark plum, and cinnamon.

Exhibiting a profound raspberry red infused with a ruby undertone, this libation transforms into a luminous hibiscus pink when artfully blended with tonic or soda.

Engage your olfactory senses with the invigorating fragrance of fresh cherry and plum fruits, accompanied by subtle notes of soft pine and spice.

Upon the first sip, experience the burst of freshly picked raspberries harmonizing with the richness of tinned plum. The velvety texture unfolds with plush tannins and a ripe, silky body, concluding with a delicate dance of boysenberry that gracefully lingers on the palate.

Whether enjoyed neat over ice, with a splash of tonic, or in a refreshing pink gin spritz, Ginache Gin 2022 is a delightful journey through the orchards and vineyards of McLaren Vale.

Oyster Shell Gin: A Coastal Symphony of Flavours

Now, things are taken up a notch or two with Never Never’s Oyster Shell Gin. Crafted in collaboration with Society Restaurant in Melbourne, this gin is an ode to the Australian coastline, featuring Kangaroo Island oyster shell, waxflower, Tasmania wakame, coastal daisy bush, saltbush, and round mint.

A sensory voyage begins with the scent of fresh sea spray, bursting with lime-leaf and fragrant grapefruit zest. The palate echoes the maritime influence, with saline and savoury minerality, dried Australian wakame, and a fusion of native greens. The finish is long and luxurious, perfectly suited for dry martinis or spirit-forward cocktails.

In conclusion, Never Never Distilling Co. transcends the boundaries of conventional gin-making, offering an exquisite collection that tells the story of passion, innovation, and the rich landscapes of Australia. Each bottle is not just a spirit but an invitation to embark on a sensory adventure—a journey crafted with precision, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

One can only hope that Never Never will consider channelling its alchemy in the creation of their own take on whisky in the not so distant future.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesty of Never Never.


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