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Myrqvist's Pinnacle: Unveiling the Funäs Zipper Boot.

Myrqvist, the trailblazing Swedish footwear brand that has been reshaping the men's footwear landscape since its establishment in 2016, is taking a bold step into the limelight. With a commitment to offering high-quality, handcrafted shoes directly to consumers while maintaining affordability, Myrqvist has become synonymous with the perfect fusion of style and comfort for any occasion.

The visionary behind this brand, Sebastian Öhrn, has taken on the mission of revolutionizing men's footwear by eliminating middlemen and making premium footwear accessible to all. A St Andrews graduate with a passion for handcrafted shoes, Öhrn noticed a divide in the market last decade. He realized that the cost of quality shoes had become exorbitant, prompting him to reinvent the shoemaking business from the ground up.

Fast forward five years, and Öhrn's vision has become a reality. Myrqvist now directly sells its shoes to customers through its flagship store in Stockholm and online. This approach has redefined shoemaking, creating a win-win situation for both the brand and its customers.

However, Myrqvist recognizes its limits. While Scandinavia is known for innovation and minimalist style, the brand acknowledges the expertise of neighbouring nations. The construction of Myrqvist's shoes closely resembles those crafted in British workrooms. The designs bear Scandinavian names like 'Strömsö' and 'Stenhammar,' yet their classic styles, including loafers, Oxfords, and Derby boots, could easily be mistaken for Northampton creations.

The raw materials used in Myrqvist shoes are sourced globally. Supple suede comes from Charles F. Stead in England, while calfskin originates from the Hermes-owned Tannery du Puy in France. The shoes are assembled in Portugal, a stronghold of shoemaking tradition where the workshop Myrqvist employs has been Goodyear-welting for over six decades.

Myrqvist's unique Scandinavian-inspired business model has propelled it to become the fastest-growing footwear brand in Sweden, offering premium shoes at a reasonable price point. The flagship store in Stockholm's fashionable 'Norrmalm' district showcases the brand's sustainable and reliable premium shoes, ideal for the harsh Scandinavian climate.

These premium shoes, whether rugged boots or elegant penny loafers, are built to withstand almost anything. Just like waxed cotton jackets, selvedge jeans, or burnished wristwatch bracelets, the charm of these garments comes from patination and character-building wear-and-tear.

Now, Myrqvist re-enters the limelight with a dazzling addition to their repertoire, and it's nothing short of a game-changer. Say hello to the Funäs Zipper Boot, an exquisite masterpiece designed for the contemporary explorer. This creation is tailored for those who demand both style and substance, offering a seamless fusion of durability and Scandinavian refinement.

The Funäs Zipper Boot boasts an array of remarkable features: When you step into the world of the Funäs, you're entering a realm of opulence. Its plush faux fur lining guarantees unequalled warmth and comfort. Whether you're navigating city streets or embarking on a wild escapade, your feet will remain cosy and stylish, come rain or shine.

Outfitted with a robust hiking sole, these boots provide unbeatable grip and traction across a spectrum of terrains. Whether you're traversing urban landscapes or untamed wilderness, every stride is marked by unwavering confidence. The Funäs is available in three versatile colour options: Brown suede, Black suede, and Black country calf. Its whole-cut design is an emblem of exclusivity, seamlessly enhancing both your casual and formal ensembles.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Myrquvist.


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