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Manscaped’s impeccable approach to male grooming.

Full disclosure: Despite a patient approach and my focus firmly set on precision, there has been quite a bit of bloodshed over the years when deep cutting devices that are geared to trim one’s beard were used to tend to the private, trickier nether regions of one’s physique.

Eventually one was inspired to venture on a quest for a smart, specifically designed, full body groomer with razors powerful enough to deal with thicker unwanted fuzz and with safe guards in place to protect more delicate parts.

Other criteria included the necessity for the devices to be waterproof, a speedy charge-up time, skin protection and the ability to offer different length settings.

After loads of trial and error, I eventually endeavoured to check out what was behind the brand that touts itself as being dedicated to offering end-to-end solutions for male grooming and commands a dedicated following, i.e. the entity known as Manscaped.

I was not disappointed as Manscaped’s specifically designed waterproof devices not only excel in the performance department, but tick boxes with features like their SkinSafe™ technology that e.g. their aptly named electric nose and ear hair trimmer, i.e. the Weed Whacker, is being equipped with: The 360° rotary dual-blade system effectively reduces the risk of pulls, nicks, and cuts.

A favourite device for the day-to-day upkeep of the private parts is Manscaped’s Lawnmower as it not only charges wirelessly, comes with a power status indicator, a spotlight and due to its waterproof qualities can be used in the shower, but due to its ceramic blades and multiple guards proves to be gentle on the most sensitive areas while getting the job done.

Needless to say, Manscaped also offers fine-tuned traditional beard trimmers and over the years has evolved into becoming a full blown men's grooming brand with idiosyncratic potions, lotions, washes, body wipes, and other products that not unlike its trimmers have been created (and wittily named) for exactly the areas and purposes they are meant to address.

Summa summarum: If you are on a quest for grooming tools that not only do a precise job but make the exercise of grooming a pleasant, safe and easy experience, one would be hard pressed to go past the unique, ever-expanding, aesthetically pleasing range of offerings Manscaped ( ) has perfectioned.


Words by AW. Photos courtesy of Manscaped.


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