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Journey to the Fleurieu Distillery: A flavourful Whisky Odyssey.

Beyond the bustling streets of Adelaide, the enchanting Fleurieu Peninsula unfolds, a land of diverse landscapes, from the tempestuous Southern Ocean to the windswept cape clifftops. Hidden within this captivating realm lies a distillery that has been only recently appeared on my the radar, yet has left more than a mere blip ever since - the Fleurieu Distillery.

Harvesting the Essence of the Southern Coast

Harnessing the potent allure of spicy sea-air aromas and adorned with an array of international accolades, Fleurieu Distillery has piqued curiosity and garnered anticipation. With their first expressions unveiled in 2017, owners Gareth and Angela Andrews have astounded with their alchemical prowess in crafting exceptional drops.

A Coastal Masterpiece: The Fleurieu Distillery's Seaside Haven

Set dramatically on the water's edge in the picturesque river port of Goolwa, South Australia, the Fleurieu Distillery stands as a symbol of whisky craftsmanship. Perched proudly on the Fleurieu Peninsula, just south of Adelaide, this distillery faces the untamed Southern Ocean with unwavering courage.

It is within this coastal sanctuary that their whisky takes on its unique character, an exquisite union of expressive maple and vanilla oak notes with the enchanting bouquet of spicy sea-air aromas. Such a symphony of flavors can only emerge from the distinctive maturation process found on this rugged southern coast.

Gareth and Angela Andrews: Custodians of Whisky Excellence

Guided by the unwavering dedication of Gareth and Angela Andrews, Fleurieu Distillery has quietly mastered the art of whisky crafting. Their journey began in earnest in 2017, when their inaugural releases won over the hearts of locals and connoisseurs alike. Head Distiller G.R. Andrews encapsulates their ethos, inviting all to "Travel the winding roads of the Fleurieu – Live a life less ordinary."

A Year of Triumphs: Where Gold and Silver Become Whisky Legends

The year 2018 marked a significant chapter in Fleurieu Distillery's journey as they embarked on their second year of whisky releases. This milestone was celebrated with a shower of gold and silver awards for their 'Bogart & Bacall' expression. Their accolades extended from the golden shores of Australia to the distant reaches of the United States, triumphing at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards and the American Distilling Institute for their 'Atlantic Crossing' and 'River's End' releases.

This remarkable feat is a testament to the distillery's unwavering commitment to excellence, despite its relatively tender years in the world of whisky.

Captivating Whisky Chronicles: Stories of Distinctive Fleurieu Distillery Releases

• Tapestry - A Masterful Blend: Crafting a tapestry requires a delicate balance of passion and precision. In a symphony of barrels, Tapestry weaves together Bourbon and Apera barriques, creating a masterpiece of flavor. Hints of polish and walnut shells on the nose lead to lifted acid, florals, and sweet oak spices. The malt reinforces the body and palate, with ex-Bourbon American oak lending its support. Clocking in at 45.2% ABV, it's a tapestry to be cherished.

• Country to Coast #4 - A Collaboration of Distinct Taste: This limited-edition peated whisky is a testament to a longstanding collaboration among friends. In 2023, it presents a remarkable fusion of casks from two esteemed Australian mainland distilleries - Black Gate and Fleurieu. This marriage of second-fill premium Bourbon and Apera casks strikes an elegant balance between smoke, coastal brininess, and sweet country-infused malt. A release that leaves an indelible mark for peat enthusiasts.

• The Hunting Of The Snark - A Whimsical Pursuit: Lewis Carroll's whimsical poem, "The Hunting Of The Snark," remains a riddle hidden inside an enigma. In the spirit of this elusive pursuit, The Hunting Of The Snark emerges as a champion whisky at the 2023 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. This peated release exudes warmth, conjuring fireside memories, toasted marshmallows, and shared laughter with loved ones.

• Don Quixote - A Quixotic Adventure: Single cask releases are a rarity at Fleurieu Distillery, making Don Quixote a special exception. Sourced from one of their Barrels of Gratitude, it epitomizes Apera matured whisky at cask strength.

Named after Cervantes' comical hero, Don Quixote, known for his idealism and chivalry, was often lost between imagination and reality. In alignment with Fleurieu’s motto, allow this cask strength whisky to ignite your imagination, inspire you, and encourage a life less ordinary. It offers brandied fruit notes over oak and grain, complemented by a malty sweetness and a touch of stewed rhubarb, finishing with satisfying, slight dryness.

• Albatross – The Wandering Bird: In the lore of seafarers, the albatross stands as a symbol both haunting and hopeful. Revered as the ethereal souls of lost sailors, these celestial wanderers take flight above the boundless expanse of the Southern Ocean, gliding endlessly, not unlike like enigmatic omens of both good fortune and misfortune.

As part of the illustrious Fleurieu Distillery Single Malt Whisky program, Albatross emerges as a captivating expression of this enchanting narrative. This remarkable creation presents itself with an elevated malt nose that pays a fragrant tribute to the grain's remarkable journey.

A vivacious palate that unfolds with whispers of allspice and nutmeg, seamlessly interwoven with the venerable character of tawny oak. This harmonious amalgamation bestows both weight and length, a testament to the whisky's profound depth and complexity.

The journey culminates in a harmonious finish that is accentuated by and raisin sweetness, an enduring embrace that etches a lasting memory and leave one lusting for another dram.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Fleurieu Distillery.


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