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Journey into the heart of Italy through the lens of the 2023 ST. ALi Italian Film Festival

Palace proudly invites you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of contemporary Italian cinema at the 2023 ST. ALi Italian Film Festival. This year's festival promises a stunning array of films that pay tribute to the allure of Italy's language, stories, and culture. From the latest works of renowned Italian auteurs to eye-opening documentaries and a special retrospective on the legendary Massimo Troisi, this festival promises to be a cinematic treat like no other. Join us exclusively at Palace Cinemas, Cinema Nova, Palace Nova, and Luna Palace cinemas, starting from September 19.

Cannes Film Festival Gems

Directly imported from the prestigious Cannes Film Festival are three Italian films that graced the Competition section this year. The festival's centerpiece, "KIDNAPPED" (Rapito), directed by the illustrious Marco Bellocchio, is a historical drama that unravels a scandalous abduction by the Vatican in 19th-century Italy. Meanwhile, Alice Rohrwacher's "LA CHIMERA" presents a captivating love story set in 1980s Tuscany. Nanni Moretti's "A BRIGHTER TOMORROW" (Il sol dell'avvenire) delves into the challenges faced by filmmakers in the era of streaming giants.

Special Presentations

The festival also boasts three Special Presentations. "THE EIGHT MOUNTAINS" (Le otto montagne), a Cannes Jury Prize winner in 2022, takes you on an epic journey of friendship and self-discovery amid the breathtaking Italian Alps. "BURNING HEARTS" (Ti mangio il cuore), a searing crime story set in Puglia, stars Italian singer Elodie in her acting debut. "CARAVAGGIO’S SHADOW" (L'ombra di Caravaggio), featuring the impeccable Riccardo Scamarcio, delves into the life of the renowned Renaissance painter as he faces scrutiny from the Vatican.

Captivating Documentaries

For documentary enthusiasts, the festival offers captivating options. "THE CIRCLE" (Il cerchio), winner of Best Documentary at the 2023 David di Donatello Awards, provides a unique perspective by following Italian primary school pupils over five years. "MAGIC NAPLES" (Napoli magica) sees actor/director Marco D'Amore embarking on a journey of discovery into the heart of Naples. "THE GENIUS OF GIANNI VERSACE ALIVE" offers a deep dive into the creative brilliance of influential Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Massimo Troisi Tribute

A highlight of this year's festival is the tribute to Massimo Troisi, celebrating his illustrious thirty-year career in Italian cinema. The retrospective includes Troisi's debut in "I'M STARTING FROM THREE" (Ricomincio da tre), a humorous exploration of self-discovery. "NOTHING LEFT TO DO BUT CRY" (Non ci resta che piangere) takes you on a comedic adventure through time, starring Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi. Lastly, "SPLENDOR" is a touching ode to the magic of cinemagoing, set within the aisles of a cinema named Splendor and co-starring Marcello Mastroianni.

An Array of Additional Films

The festival lineup is brimming with an array of additional films, each offering a unique cinematic experience. "THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE" (Il primo giorno della mia vita), featuring an all-star cast including Margherita Buy and Toni Servillo, explores themes of love and the meaning of life. "DELTA" presents a gritty and compelling drama about a struggle between local fishermen and poachers in the foggy Po River Delta. Thrill seekers can enjoy "LIKE SHEEP AMONG WOLVES" (Come percorre in mezzo ai lupi), where Isabella Ragonese portrays a policewoman who infiltrates a criminal gang in Rome. "PROPHETS" (Profeti) follows Italian journalist Sara, played by Jasmine Trinca, who is kidnapped by ISIS and forms an unexpected bond with her keeper Nur, a foreign fighter radicalized in London.

Family Films and More

The festival also caters to families with films like "THE PROPERTIES OF METALS" (Le proprietà dei metalli), set in a 1970s Italian village, and "SUPERNOVA" (Noi anni luce), a heartfelt drama led by two young rising stars of Italian cinema. "ORLANDO" stars Michele Placido in an affectionate odd-couple drama, while "MY SOUL SUMMER" explores the passion for music, featuring Italian X Factor winner Casadilego. Festival favorite Marco Giallini stars in the delightful comedy "MY SHADOW IS YOUR SHADOW" (La mia ombra è tua), and it's a story of a unique road trip in which a young university graduate and a famous reclusive writer venture to a fair in Milan.

The 2023 ST. ALi Italian Film Festival promises to be a celebration of Italian culture and a journey into the heart of Italy through the lens of talented filmmakers. For more information visit:

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